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Reducing/removing Skin Graft Scars?

When my daughter was 17 mo old she spilled boiling hot water on her face and chest. She had third degree burns and needed a skin graft from her thigh,... READ MORE

I’m Ready to Remove the 15year Old Scar/skin Graft on my Shin

I had melanoma removed in the early 90's and they took out a large circle, the size of a soda can, right on/next to the bone and put in a skin... READ MORE

How Can Appearance of Skin Grafts Be Improved?

My 48 yr old brother has extensive scaring & skin grafts because of severe burns he received over 30 yrs ago. Are there any newer treatments that... READ MORE

Been 6 Days Since my Skin Graft on my Index Finger Could I Still Smoke Marijuana at All?

Had skin graft done to my index finger wasn't too big of an area i just had it cause i torn my skin off the tip. READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for my Scars? (photo)

10 year old scars Previously treated with; - skin graft - scar revision - cortisone injection (twice after small raised keloid formation) - scar... READ MORE

Skin Grafts to Replace Hypetrophic Scars? (photo)

I had a tattoo excision performed on my forearm. The resulting scar turned hypetrophic and turned out to be much worse than I had ever expected or was... READ MORE

Fore Head Skin Grafting? (photo)

I have burn scar on my fore head. They are 15 years old.I have undergone 3 surgeries so far.I had skin grafted on my scalp.Can I get skin graft on the... READ MORE

Scolds from Boiling Water Scar?

I got scalded from boiling water when I was 18 months old. I'm now 28. I've had lots I skin gratfs over the years but nothing since i was 15. Is there... READ MORE

Costs of Treating Keloids and Who Should Carry Out Treatment?

I m burnt by acid two years doctor done skin graft,now my scar hill to much.and also itch.i consult plastic surgeon and told it seems to be... READ MORE

Can a Thick Scarred Skin Graft on Knee Be Fixed?

I had a brown oval birthmark surgically removed 10 yrs ago and had a skin graph to cover the area its really thick and scarred is there any way to fix... READ MORE

The Doner Sight of my Sons Skin Graft Wont Heal, What Went Wrong?

My son had a skin graft done 3 months ago, his doner sight keeps going to raw skin and will not heal, his doctors dont seem to be giving me any... READ MORE

How Well Do Skin Grafts Match From Inner Ear to Hand? (photo)

I have had a skin graft in my hand for over 12 years and it was taken from behind my ear. it feels perfect a little sensitive, but it has been red... READ MORE

I was burned about 2 months back and was grafted and Dr's keep saying my leg is fine. Any suggestions? (photos)

About 2 weeks ago they swabed my leg for infection and came back with MRSA. I was given antibiotics but my graft continued to seem to get more... READ MORE

I got 3rd degree burn scars with grafts I need to have them loosened what do I do? (photos)

When I was 4 years old I got burned with gas on 75% of my body and had pig skin grafts and I am 46 now as I have gotten older I have places that are... READ MORE

I recently fell and got a laceration above my eye into the eye brow into a existing scar. What's the best way to treat? (photos)

I recently got stiches while visiting europe. I am worried they did a bad job with the stiches and only used 4 for the entire cut. They also did not... READ MORE

What is the best way to conceal my hair graft scar? (Photo)

Hello- I had hair graft surgery 20 years ago and it left me with these scars. I like to wear my hair short ( #1 razor ) but given my scar I am very... READ MORE

How Does Punch Graft Work for Ice Pick Scars?

I will have this procedure. My question is: the graft works as a permanet filler?, or rejoining with adjacent tissues? if after I clear up my skin, it... READ MORE

How Do I Minimize the Amount of Scarring if I Have a 3rd Degree Burn?

Hi, at the age of 7 I was severely burn on my arm. It was a 3rd degree burn and I was required to have a skin graph. Now i'm 17 and i still have... READ MORE

I Had an Accident Few Years Ago and Lost Most of the Skin from my Left Foot?

Hi, I had an accident few years ago and lost most of the skin from my left foot and suffered multiple fractures. Grafting was done on my foot and... READ MORE

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