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Best Treatment of Forehead Scar on a 3 Yr Old?

Doc. recommended Fraxel for my 3 yr old son who has a small scar on his forehead from a fall two months ago. Dermabond glue was used to treat the cut.... READ MORE

Dermabond Vs Stitches for Minimizing Scars?

My 22 months old son fell and his forehead was cut open about 1/2 inches wide. Rushed to ER, they said he needed stitches. I asked if they could glue... READ MORE

Small Cut on Forehead - Walked into Door. How Will It Heal?

Around 11 days ago i walked into a wooden door frame and cut my forehead. It was a straight cut around 1.5cm long and 1mm wide, not so deep but it... READ MORE

1 Year Old w/ Forehead Cut

My 1-year old got a small but deep cut to her forehead (slightly less than 1/4 inch). The hospital glued it together and placed steristrips. Now 2... READ MORE

How to Minimize Scarring After Glueing a Wound? (photo)

Hi, my 5-year old daughter had a bad fall yesterday and the doctors advised me that the best way to close the 1cm cut on her forehead (on a large... READ MORE

Which Scar Healing Products Post Mohs Surgery on Forehead?

Can you please let me know what you think about my using scar healing products for my Mohs surgery scar on my forehead? I had my stitches removed a... READ MORE

Will my Scar Reduce in Redness and Appearance? (photo)

I hot my head on an open window and the wound on my forehead was glued. this scar is now 10weeks old.I am using silicone gel in hope of reducing the... READ MORE

Long Indented Old Scar on Forehead. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

How to remove a 22 year old indented scar on my forehead? I have this scar from a bicycle accident on my forehead since i was 6 years old, and... READ MORE

2 Year Old Bumped Forehead. Bump and Laceration - Scarring?

My daughter bumped her forehead on a sharp corner and got a bump. I iced it and it went down, but there was a mark (laceration?) scabbing where she... READ MORE

How can my shingles scars be less visible? (Photo)

I got shingles two years ago when I was 26. Since then the deep scars on my forehead never faded or became not so noticeable. What options would I... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Bump on Forehead?

A year ago, I fell head first into a wall while playing basketball. There was a large goose egg soon after the impact, and I later needed to get... READ MORE

What Are My Options For A Forehead Dent That I've Had For Years? (photo)

I have a dent on my forehead which I got from an injury when I was a kid. Now I am 28 years old and I can't show my forehead due to this scar. The... READ MORE

Glued Forehead Wound, Big Gap Now. What To Do? (photo)

My son fell and split his forehead open. At the ER they advised us to use glue instead of stitches. Now 2 weeks later, the glue is peeling off and the... READ MORE

Hi, I need to know the best way to treat this indented scar? (photo)

Ive tried merderma, cocoa butter, and none seem to work. This scar really makes me sad and non confident. Im tired of wearing hats to cover it up.... READ MORE

Scar Revision Post-Op 2 Week? (photo)

Hi, I just had scar revision on a cluster of depressed scarring on my forehead. My doctor suggested he cut out the scarred skin from the and suture... READ MORE

To What Extent Can Laser Therapy Improve the Scar's Appearance?

I'm a 28/m & i got a traumatic,almost vertical scar running from my hair line in front to the near upper margin of my eyebrow, its like maybe... READ MORE

Forehead Scar From Accident On My 3 Year Old? (photo)

My daughter got scar due to not proper stitches on the accident day, which lead to wide scar size vertically at her forehead, can you advise me on the... READ MORE

When to Remove Scar Surgically on 7 Year Old Child, Wound 2 Month Old? (Photos)

When to remove scar surgically on 7 year old child, wound 2 month old due to fall and impact of floor.Deep y shaped wound on fore head healed leaving... READ MORE

How to even skin tone after rug burn? (photo)

My 6 year old daughter fell and got a rug burn on her forehead. It seemed superficial and healed in about 5 days. I have kept silicone gel on it since... READ MORE

I Have a Cigarette Burn(now Scar) for 3 Months. Its Flat but Red. What Can I Do Now. Will It Heal? (photo)

In December i burnt my self on the forehead with a cigarette. it has healed and there is only a red mark smack dab on my forehead. it really lowers my... READ MORE

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