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I have a flat, white looking scar on the shaft of my penis. Will the skin color go back to normal? (photo)

There was never a scab, more like a tiny thin cut that I masturbated over again, unknowingly at the time, and now I have this white mark on my penis.... READ MORE

Scar Revision

Im 10 weeks into a scar revision on my cheek. The redness has lightened significantly but the incision has still not flattened out. It was not an... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Surgical Scars (Mostly Flat, Slightly Indented, Red/Purple)?

I had a fascia lata sling put into my face to improve facial paralysis approx 3 1/2 months ago and the muscle was harvested from my leg. i now have 2... READ MORE

I Have Several Flat White Scars on my Chest and 2 on my Kneck. Will Excision Work?

I have several flat white scars on my chest (about 6) and 2 on my kneck. They are mostly between 1 and 2 cm wide and either circular or oval in shape.... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Scar That is Already Flat but Discolored and Wide?

I had a raised scar, hospital treatment was steroid cortisone injections and now the scar looks flat, but its still visible due to the scar's... READ MORE

I have a scar/mark on my leg that looks like a cigarette burn. Its flat and red. What can I do? Will It heal? (photo)

I have some kind of apparent mark on my right leg as seen in the picture. It's not itchy and it doesn't hurt. It's been there for a few weeks , and it... READ MORE

Will my stitches heal flatly with the rest of my skin? (photos)

So 3 days ago I got a mini surgery on my vagina to remove a vulva cyst and my skin between the stitches looks like it's popping up. I'm scared it... READ MORE

Costs of Treating Keloids and Who Should Carry Out Treatment?

I m burnt by acid two years doctor done skin graft,now my scar hill to much.and also itch.i consult plastic surgeon and told it seems to be... READ MORE

Can a Dermatologist Do Anything About a Small Flat Scar?

I recently accidently shaved a small mole off that was above my upper lip. I was hoping it would just heal and the mole would come back the same but,... READ MORE

What is best treatment for scars?

Which is the best treatment for scars that are white and flat? They are from a breast augmentation in the fold, and are flat and white. Does massage,... READ MORE

Why won't excision improve my scars? (photo)

I have scars from a skin infection which bother me. I'd hoped to have them made smaller. I went to see a plastic surgeon about scar revision. He... READ MORE

Scar from Falling Through a Window On My Forehead?

I have a 1.5 cm long, .5 cm wide oval hypertrophic scar on my forehead from falling through a window. It was not stitched or sutured. The skin peeled... READ MORE

The scar on my face has a prominent bump. Is there a treatment to make my scar flat?

Hello, its been almost 5 years now i have this scar on the face, well i actually had about 3 surgeries... and i was left with that scar which is ok,... READ MORE

Any suggestions for flat, discolored scar?

I got scratched by a cat as a kid. No one took me for stitches. I stayed in the sun while it was healing and no one put sunscreen on me. I'm dark... READ MORE

Will my scars fade? What is the best possible outcome without further treatment? (Photo)

I injured myself a couple years ago and don't like the scars that I am left with. I've undergone laser treatment but I don't feel fully confident that... READ MORE

I burned my breasts with a hot pan out of the oven. How can I ensure there will be no discoloration and scarring? (photos)

Three weeks ago, I burned my breasts with a hot cookie pan. The wound did bubble up, scab and then went flat. I continuously applied triple antibiotic... READ MORE

Will my incision still heal flat even though it opened? (photo)

I had surgery on my face for my chicken pox scar to be removed and made into a thin flat line! After my surgery the scar then opened and the surgent... READ MORE

Is surgery necessary for this wide, flat scar? (Photo)

I want to make my scar less noticable. It's over 10 years old. I think surgery might be the only option because its so wide, but I know reopening the... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Repair Hypotropic Scars?

My scars are white, flat, and mostly on my shins from injuries. READ MORE

Best treatment for flat pink/red keloids on chest/shoulder/back?

As the question states, I'm wondering what the best solution for flattened pinkish/red keloids are? These are old scars (mostly 10+ years) from acne.... READ MORE

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