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My Stitches Keep Bursting?

I dropped a wine glass on my foot 5 weeks ago and the wound would not heal i had stitches first they poped so dr said to pack it and let it heal... READ MORE

I Have Flat Red Scars That Will Not Go Away from Mountain Biking? (photo)

I have bruises / scars on my footfrom a mountain biking accident. The skin has grown back and is shinny and red. I have tried, hydrocortisone,... READ MORE

I Have Had V Beam on Red Flat Scars with Little Improvement ... Other Solutions... Steroids or? (photo)

Hi I had a mountain biking accident 1.5 years ago. This created flat red / pink scars on my foot/ ankle. I tried Vitamin E, Scar Creams, Silicone... READ MORE

I burned my foot with hot oil while cooking. The burn occurred 2 days ago, what do I do so it will no scar? (photos)

So far I've used egg yolks, egg whites, honey, and Neosporin on the affected area. I am currently leaving it dry and uncovered. READ MORE

What can I use to get rid of my red scar on the top of my foot? (photo)

About 2 months ago my dogs wire leash cut and burned the top of my foot. It took a few weeks to heel, and now that it's heeled I have a red scar that... READ MORE

Is There an Effective Procedure to Remove White Foot Surgery Scars on Dark Skin? (photo)

Over two years ago I had foot surgery. I have dark skin and the incisions were done on top of the feet so the scars are very obvious specially when I... READ MORE

I have had scars on my legs and feet for over a year. What's my best course of treatment to effectively fade them? (Photos)

I've tried hydrocortisone creams and a triamcinole acetonide cream. I have one keloid scar on the side of my legs and several scars from shaving/... READ MORE

My foot got burn from the fireworks. Can I treat this at home? (photo)

I burnt my foot on the night before Fourth of July. Thursday night. From fireworks. Then on the actual 4th that night I noticed my ankle was swollen... READ MORE

Bleomycin or Triamcinolone Steroid Injection for Red Foot Scars After Failed VBeam & Hydroquinone. (photo)

Had these foot scars for 2 years now: tried silicone sheets, TCA peel, Retin A, Hydroquinone with MicroNeedling, and 6X V-Beam treatments. ** Should I... READ MORE

Burn scars, 3rd degree, hypertrophic scar, hyperpigmentation, skin scar tissue (Photo)

I have been burned, 3th degree on my both hands. i  was cookin when th gas cabl came off by itself my face neck feet..(30% of m body) my... READ MORE

I've been wondering all night how can I remove this ugly scar on my foot? (photo)

As you can see in the photo this is nasty. I'm not sure what kind of scar is this. Please help me to solve this problem! Thank you. READ MORE

I need to know if I need stitches? (photos)

I had cut my foot open with a razor blade, and my mother told me it would be fine and to let it heal. It had just stopped bleeding and I fear of... READ MORE

I have second degree burn on my feet. What are the best remedies? It's been a week, & blisters have already popped (Photo)

Ive used neosporin as the cream and cover it with gauze and tape. For the minor burns, i use the cream but i don't cover it. Im afraid because the... READ MORE

I've developed a black scar on top of my foot. Did I damage my nerves?

I don't know how to do photo technology yet to take it and get it here. Black scar on top of right foot. I fell down stairs and the top of my foot hit... READ MORE

Why is my Burn Scar a Brown/purple Colour?

About 4 months ago I stepped on a hot marshmallow roaster and burnt my foot (somehow top and bottom-bottom wasn't bad) to what my dad said would... READ MORE

I Had an Accident Few Years Ago and Lost Most of the Skin from my Left Foot?

Hi, I had an accident few years ago and lost most of the skin from my left foot and suffered multiple fractures. Grafting was done on my foot and... READ MORE

l really need treatment suggestion for my condition. Is there any hope my hands and feet can go back to normal again? (photo)

As can been seen in my photo; l have really bad burns from bleaching chemical. l have used very strong bleaching products on my hands and feet and... READ MORE

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