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What's the Most Effective Scar Fade Cream?

Hello, I recently had a tummy tuck and now have a long reddish purplish scar. My doc recommended ScarFade cream, however its pretty expensive and my... READ MORE

Do Scars from Breast Augmentation Ever Fade Completely?

Are there ways to get rid of the appearance of scars? I'm just wondering if this surgery will inevitably leave me with permanent scarring, or if... READ MORE

I have a minor scar. Will this be permanent or will this pink skin fade away? (Photo)

I got scratched and its been about 3 weeks now since the incident. Will this pink scar fade away? READ MORE

How can i quickly clear up a scar on my face? (photo)

I had a bump on my face that scabbed up, it fell off in my sleep but still left a scar. I have my prom in 2 weeks and i need it to be a little faded... READ MORE

As a teen I got a lot of abscesses in my groin area and left scars. How can I fade them and lighten the area?

Hi, since I was a teen I had been getting a lot of Abscess which came and gone but left battle scars. Now that I am older and rarely get them, I would... READ MORE

How to totally fade big dark scars/spots on legs? (Photo)

I have this dark spots on my legs resulting on when i used a shaver to shave my legs. First it was really itchy and i went to the pharmacist and they... READ MORE

Non Surgical Scar Treatment

These scars i received 2 months ago from a fight. I dont remember how my face got cut and i didnt go for stiches but i was left with 2 scars. Im... READ MORE

What can I use to fade my dark knee and scar? (photo)

The scar in the middle is from an accident that happened 7 years ago and its kind of dark but not as much as it was 7 years ago. I tried everything... READ MORE

How can i get rid of these self harm scars??

I have had them for about four months now, and they are not fading at all, they just stay very pink. I am not sure how i could get rid of them, as... READ MORE

Will this scar fade or not? (Photo)

Scratch under eye which injury superficial dermis in 5 year old boy which formed scab has been removed after 2 days accidentally and left red shiny... READ MORE

Will phlebectomy scars fade? (Photo)

I got a phlebectomy 4 months ago and the area where the micro-incisions were made are still quite red. I'm supposed to get additional treatment but... READ MORE

Will my depigmented scar from a two week old burn eventually fade? Dark, African-American Skin (Photo)

Hi, I exactly two weeks ago I burned myself with a steamer. It blistered, the blister eventually popped and I've kept the area mostly bandaged. I feel... READ MORE

Any creams to help me fade my dark and white scars? (Photo)

I used to scratch my legs when its itchy in my younger days amd now im 29 and getting married soon. Please help me i want to wear short dress in my... READ MORE

Will these burns fade? Dr has prescribed me hydrocortisone 1%. Is there anything else I could be doing? (Photo)

They occurred yesterday and the technician said it was because I had make up on but she didn't ask me to remove it from that area? Will these scars... READ MORE

How can I fade this scar? It's new. Only 3-4 weeks. Will vitamin e help make it unnoticeable? (photo)

How can I fade this scar? It's new. Only 3-4 weeks. Will vitamin e help make it unnoticeable? READ MORE

Will this scar ever fade? (photo)

Hi. This red scar is a cause of mole removal tht I've done by myself using a wart removal, I know a terrible idea. It's been like 6 to 8 months since... READ MORE

Purple Scar Won't Fade

My son (5 years old) fell off his bike 3 months ago and had to have his cut (above his lip below his nose) durabonded together by the Dr. There is now... READ MORE

Will my marks fade away? And how long will it take to heal? Will it leave scar? (Photo)

I applied dettol n left it about for 2 hours..n my skin got burned badly.My general physician has prescribed me 1.Megaheal ointment 2.Moxikind-CV 625... READ MORE

If I have a first degree burn and there is discoloration on my skin, will it fade away? (Photo)

I burn myself with oil and it brought discoloration, some has started to fade away but i do not know if the others would fade away. READ MORE

2nd degree burn scar, What are my options to fade the redness? (photo)

I made a dumb move back in February when I was on vacation in Mexico partying when I caught my arm on a heated party decoration. It branded me with a... READ MORE

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