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A Spot Near my Daughter's Eye Turned into a Circular Hole/scar. Is There Anything I Can Put on It?

My 7 year old daughter had a spot near her eye. It stayed for a long time and then turned into a scar/ circular indentation/hole. She is quite... READ MORE

What would you recommend to remove a surgical scars in my face? (photos)

Hello, i have two surgical scars i got years ago due to a bike accident. one in the forehead and the other one is next to the eye. And I've read about... READ MORE

Could scar tissue on the eye from previous surgery?

A little over 10 years ago, I had gotten a small piece of metal into my eye and it rusted over for three days then I had gotten it removed. My eye... READ MORE

My 5 yr old son got a burn near his eye a couple months ago, it healed and turned into a flat scar?

Now a couple months later the scar is now raised, and kinda of hard like scabby to the touch but not a scab.. kinda excema looking? I dont know what... READ MORE

Would scar revision affect the the shape of my eye or eyebrow? (Photo)

I recieved this oh so lovely scar (sarcasm) when I was 8 when the neighbor's dog bit me. It also took a small chunk out of my cheek. I had a laser... READ MORE

What is this mark between my eyes and wrinkles? (photo)

Hello , i am 24 yrs . i had lasik surgery 6 months ago , after i am not using the glasses anymore i started to hate my face ,, don't want to smile at... READ MORE

I had facial warts around my eye when I was a kid. The doctor removed them using Electrocautery.

They left these scars. Now I'm 33 and want to remove them or at least make them less noticeable. I tried laser once but the doctor was afraid of... READ MORE

I had an accident and I got a injury in my left eye, after laser treatment its not curing. What the solution to cure it? (photo)

My accident sacre is laasting for. Long time... I have undergone many treatment but no use ... Even. Laser treatment don't work... More Dan a year... READ MORE

Sir i met with an accident when i was e years old and i got 3 stitches near to my right eye still it looks like that only

Sir i met with an accident when i was e years old and i got 3 stitches near to my right eye still it looks like that only and now my age is 23 it is i... READ MORE

Can I Transfer Fat into my Canthus to Fill out the Indentations/atrophy As a Result from Keloid Injection? (photo)

I had a eyelid& canthus surgery done last year it left keloid scars around my eye corners.The Dr treated by injecting silicone injection,now the... READ MORE

Corner of Lower Eyelid Slanted Upwards and Tight After Loss of Skin and Stitching? (photo)

I had a nasty fall & I ripped some skin off my eye. My PL had to discard some skin and he stitched what was remaining back together. Now the... READ MORE

My 3 yrs daughter have 4 stitches on forehead above right eye which removed on 06 Oct 14.Do let me know what ointment can apply?

My 3 yrs 2 months daughter fallen down before 12 days and had a 4 stitches on the forehaed above right eye. On tenth day (06 Oct 14) stitches are... READ MORE

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