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Scarring Less Likely Using Absorbable Stiches?

Is stitching of the surgery preferred to be of self-absobing or removable? Which one has more risk to scar? I am male in mid-60's and thinking to have... READ MORE

What Is he Best Treatment For An Eyelid Scar? (photo)

Greetings. I grazed my eyelid on a pillow zipper by mistake. It bled a little and took a few days to heal. However I am left with a skin accumulation... READ MORE

Accidentally scratched eyelid during chickenpox, crater doesn't seem to be scabbing, how do I prevent a scar? (photos)

As mentioned above I accidentally scratched my eyelid which had a rash on it in my sleep and made a small wound on it. At that time the rash was very... READ MORE

I Met with an Accident and the Lateral Part of the Eyelid is Deformed. Is There Any Surgical Remedy for This? (photo)

Dear Doc I met with a bike accident and suffered injury around my eye. Presently I am applying Mederma and the scar is healing to some extent. The... READ MORE

Will the indent minimize over time? Is there anything I can do to help the scar's appearance? (Photo)

My daughter's eyelid was glued and taped after it was split open. I am disappointed to see the two edges did not stay together (or wasn't glued as... READ MORE

How do I prevent atrophic or depressed scars from eyelid cuts? (Photo)

I got two eyelid cuts from walking into a table corner; one on the top right upper eyelid and another on the outer corner in the crevice. They are... READ MORE

What kind of ointment can I use on firework burn? (photos)

I had a firework blowup in my face and burned off my left side eyelashes off. I can still see good, but i have minor burn marks on my eyelid. is there... READ MORE

Suggestions for doctor to treat scar on eyelid?

I had a burn in my eyelid and 15% while Iam a kid( abused) I had multiple injections I think it's steroid then I had a surgery to excise and revise... READ MORE

Had a Basal Cell Skin Cancer Removed from my Left Upper Inner Canthus?

Which is the best way to go for less scarring: to just leave open to heal by intention: or to have sutures . This is an area in the upper eyelid inner... READ MORE

Is there any way to improve a post blepharoplasty scar? (photos)

The operation was ,overall a success and while the scar came larger than expected(and would appreciate any tip for improving it) for the most part it... READ MORE

Will this scar relax in the next 6 months or so and will my eyelid come back to normal size ? (Photo)

I was born with an epidermal nevus on my right eyelid which grew over time . At age 29, I got it surgically removed on November 2015 and it measured... READ MORE

Any treatment for visible scars post-epicanthoplasty? (photo)

I had epicanthoplasty 10 months ago. About 2-3 months post surgery I noticed scars forming at the inner corners and below my lower lashline but I was... READ MORE

Can my chalazion be removed if there is no pus inside?

My chalazion has decreased in size after 3-4 months and two steroid injections however a small white rock hard bump remains. Can this be removed... READ MORE

Should my eyelid be black and blue a few hours after getting stitches? (photos)

I got head-buttes by a grown woman, I had gotten stitches on my eyebrow READ MORE

How to treat tea tree oil burn?

I had a pimple in between my cheek & the lower part of my eye lid so some people said tea tree oil is good for pimples so I put it on before I went to... READ MORE

I have a Blepharoplasty stitching scar and a big Canthoplasty scar! Is there any product out there could help? (photo)

These scars have been with me for years!!! I finally had my canthoplasty revision in South korea by the best surgeon in Seoul, but at the end the scar... READ MORE

Why is my scar so red?

I was advised to put sorbolene and massage it into many scars on my face, eyebrow and eyelid from small cuts. However whatever I put on it, it seems... READ MORE

Laceration in fold of infant eyelid. Best scar minimizer? Ophthalmology surgeon said Bacitracin is no longer necessary.

Infant is healing from emergency surgery 2 wks ago. The wound is in fold of eyelid, down upper canaliculus and medial and across nose bridge. Surgeon... READ MORE

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