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Revision On Two Eyebrow Piercing Scars?

I got a double eyebrow piercing when I was 16 and I wore it util I turned 18, now I'm 20 an I completely regret it. I took it out because it was... READ MORE

Higher Chance of Scarring from Stitches Than Skin Glue?

I received a small cut on the bone below my eyebrow. ER would not call a plastic surgeon and used skin glue. Now, a plastic surgeon wants to cut and... READ MORE

Will this laceration scar on my daughters eyebrow ever be barely noticeable? Will the deepness flatten? (photos)

On 7-3-2015, my daughter (4 years old) met her eyebrow open after falling against a table edge. The wound is closed with Indermil and 1 Steri-Strip.... READ MORE

What are some Dermabond alternatives?

My friend met a small accident and was left with a minor cut/wound on the eyebrow. Scared with the stitches he preferred adhesives. I had heard about... READ MORE

I got my eyebrows threaded and it left a cut on the bridge of my nose. Could this cause permanent damage? Super paranoid.

I'm almost 3 months post op from rhinoplasty and I've been very careful with my nose, well I got the okay from my surgeon to get my eyebrows done and... READ MORE

Due to an eyebrow scar, my left brow lacks fullness & takes a different shape from the right. How can I fix it? (photo)

I have a scar on my left eyebrow from playing hockey as a young girl and it has left the shape of my eyebrow with imperfections and damage. My... READ MORE

I got my eyebrows waxed 2 days ago and I have a horrible mark underneath them, do you think it will scar?

I have been putting aloe Vera gel and Neosporin on them but it still looks pretty bad, I am so concerned if it is going to leave a scar or not READ MORE

Pit from Far Fat Loss Above Eyebrow Due to Sun Damage?

Lately i am concerned about a pit i have above my eyebrow it seems that sun damage has occured and resulted to fat loss in the area.i can assume that... READ MORE

I got my eyebrows waxed 3 days ago and I have a big red spot under both of eyebrows, do you think it will scar? (Photo)

I have been putting Aloe Vera gel and Neosporin on them but today my mom told me i should stop and just let it heal by itself so I did, I am just so... READ MORE

Need opinions on the best way to make a scar right below my eyebrow less noticeable? (Photo)

I have a hideous scar under my eyebrow from what used to be a dark raised mole which I removed myself when I was a teen. The scar left over looks much... READ MORE

Cut Through Baby's Eyebrow? (photo)

My 13 month old fell on a staircase and got a 1 cm cut through his eyebrow. We took him to the ER and they glued it shut. However, they pulled it... READ MORE

Can Eyebrow Scar Tissue Impinge Nerves and Cause Migraines?

Right eyebrow scar located nearer the inner brow bone. Scar tissue has formed beneath the scar and is very possibly causing my migraine headaches, per... READ MORE

3 months now and scar still red and raised plus eyebrow hair does not grow as before. What else can we do?

4 year old boy get 2 stitches in his eyebrow and the surgeon shaved around the wound by razor , it is now 3 months old and the scar still red and... READ MORE

What Can I Use to Reduce Scarring on My 10 Month Old?

My 10 Month Old Fell into a Table Edge and Required 5 Stitches Across Her Eyebrow. The ER doctor recommended Neosporine for the 4 days the stiches are... READ MORE

25 Year Old Burn Scars on Face - Advice?

I had a stove blow up on me about 25years ago as I get older th darker the scars seem to get. One of the scars is above my upper lip the other is on... READ MORE

Is it safe to apply 20% urea cream to my face to treat a scar between my eyebrows?

I was wondering if it is safe to apply 20% urea cream to my face. I have a scar I would like to try to soften between my eyebrows, but I am worried it... READ MORE

Can scars due to deep wounds on eyebrows heal and is it possible to get the regrowth of hair in it? (Photo)

Hello! I'm 18years, I'm healing from the wound caused by the accident two weeks back I'd like to know if I could make everything back to normal. READ MORE

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