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Just Had a 1/2 Inch Vertical Wound Above my Eyebrow Glue Stitched at the Emergency Room, Should I Show a Cosmetic Surgeon?

A glass door edge connected with my forehead last night and left an almost inch long vertical wound above my right eyebrow, bleeding stopped only... READ MORE

How should dermabond-closed cut look after 7 days? Is this normal or should we be worried about infection? (Photo)

Our 7-year-old daughter got a cut just above her left eyebrow and it was closed with dermabond. The ER doctor said it would probably fall off in 5-7... READ MORE

Best Treatment for (3cm Glued Gash/ Scar) on Top of Eye Brow (Baby 16 Months Old)?

My baby girl has a deep cut (3cm long) which was glued in A&E 3 days ago. It's located right on top of her eyebrow. I fear that this may lead to a... READ MORE

My 18 Month Old Daughter Got Cut on Eyebow. Can I Do Anything to Help the Hair Growth in Scar Area?

My daughter fell in bathroon with cut on the eyebrow 1 week back. The wound is healing but I am more concerned about the hair growth in the scar area... READ MORE

Will this scar get smaller and covered by eyebrow hair? (photo)

4 year old boy get 2 stitches by a surgeon and that is the result ( it is about 2 weeks now since stitches removed ). Does this scar will get... READ MORE

Total FX Laser or Dermabrasion? (photo)

I have a 3 month old scar over my right eyebrow due to a fall. A portion of the scar is raised (nearer the center of my forehead) while the rest of... READ MORE

Would Scar Revision be the best treatment for an 8 month old scar above eyebrow? Mederma & NewGel have not helped much. (photos)

Well I got hit playing basketball 8 months ago which caused a gash\scar right above my right eye. I got it stitched up at the hospital and well now I... READ MORE

What is this hard knot under my skin after facial laceration and stitches? (photos)

About 3 weeks ago, I fell and cut below my eyebrow deeper than a half inch. I was transported to the hospital and received 4 stitches. Now that the... READ MORE

I had an accident when I was 8 years old and have a scar above my eyebrow. Which treatment would be best? (Photo)

I had an accident when I was 8 years old now I'm 35 and have this ugly scar above my left eyebrow I want to get reed of. any advice on what would be... READ MORE

How can I treat the scar on my eyebrow? (Photo)

I had a bike accident wound on my eyebrows and doctor stiches.i have a dark scar on their. I want to remove that can u please tell me which treatment... READ MORE

How to reduce the appearance of the scar in a natural manner? (photo)

As you can see from the photo attached that the scar is visible above my left eyebrow. I got hit myself in a door 6 months before. Will the scar stay... READ MORE

How Can I Help Prevent a Scar in my 17 Month Old Daughter After Her Sutures Dissolve?

My 1 year old daughter recently sustained a laceration above her eyebrow and had dissolvable sutures (gut) placed. I was unable to get a plastic... READ MORE

Is it possible to grow hair over my scar tissue in my eyebrow?

It seems like the hair is growing around it and very ugly READ MORE

Is a Scar revision for a 5-year old child reasonable?

1 week ago our 5-year old daughter had a horizontal cut 1cm above her eyebrow. It's about 2 cm long. It has been glued in the hospital, but they... READ MORE

How can I make my scar less noticeable and bad? Preferably not doing surgery. (photo)

I hit myself on a counter about 8 weeks ago. I did not get stitches or anything. I let the wound heal on its own using butterfly bandages. I have been... READ MORE

My one year old son bumped his head quite hard on a corner of our wall trim around 15 months ago. How can I help the scarring?

He developed a huge goose egg, but it did not break skin. He was fine; he did not show any bad symptoms according to the emergency room. As of now (he... READ MORE

3 months now and scar still red and raised plus eyebrow hair does not grow as before. What else can we do?

4 year old boy get 2 stitches in his eyebrow and the surgeon shaved around the wound by razor , it is now 3 months old and the scar still red and... READ MORE

Will eyebrow hair grow again?

4 year old boy had 2 stitches in his eyebrow 7 months ago and the surgeon shaved his eyebrow , the hair regrow again but not like before specialy in... READ MORE

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