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Will a cortisone injection greatly reduce redness in a hypertrophic scar? How long are the results?

Approximately how long do the positive results from a cortisone injection last when used on a hypertrophic scar? READ MORE

Can a Cortisone Shot Permanently Work to Keep Hypertrophic Scars from Re-occurring?

Can a Cortisone Shot Permanently Work to Keep Hypertrophic Scars from Re-occurring? READ MORE

Is Subcision Effective On Boxcar Scars? (photo)

I know that they general rule is subcision is effective for "rolling scars mainly and sometimes boxcar scars." But scars vary so much that I'm not... READ MORE

Can ReCell Make Scars Disappear?

Skin on my arm was burned by hot water when I was 4 (now I'm 16). My scar is hypopigmented and about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. Can you please... READ MORE

Dermatix or Bio Oil for surgical scar?

Since both are scar skincare products, which one is more effective and what's the difference between those two? READ MORE

How Effective is Paper Tape on Surgical Scars?

I have read that silicone sheets are very effective for scar therapy but i was wondering how well paper tape worked on them as well. READ MORE

Z-Plasty For Scar Revision Recommended For My Chin? (photo)

I had a fall in 2007 as a result of which i hurt my chin really badly. I had to get my chin stitched. After the 1st stitching i realized the doctor... READ MORE

Does Contractubex Gel and Cica Care Really Works?

I really wondering about contractubex and cica care's affect for hypertrophic scar and other scars. some doctor's said those are useless for scar,... READ MORE

Will Silicone Scar Away gel be effective in reducing scars from saline tattoo removal? Can I try laser treatments/coverup?

I received 3 saline tattoo removal treatments from august 1st - November 1st. However on my last treatment I think I got hypertrophic scar formation... READ MORE

Will Mederma Help my Scar?

About 6 years ago I climbed a basketball hoop, and i fell. As I was falling, The tip of my nose hit a nail sticking out of the hoop. I have a red scar... READ MORE

Is tretinoin .05% the correct course of treatment for a hypertropic facial scar?

I was given a prescription for tretinoin .05% by a PA for the treatment of a hypertropic facial scar which is still slightly lumpy and raised. Since... READ MORE

I was wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions about a good effective treatment for my pitted scars? (photo)

I have tried microdermabrasion, chemical peels, single needling, dermarolling, rosehip oil, msm cream and many other creams and serums. Nothing is... READ MORE

Is it good to use creams, oils, and ointments for scarring after a surgical procedure?

I have heard many females use Anika cream to bio oil... Palmers oil, neosporin, and antibiotic ointment. However, I came across some ointment call... READ MORE

Tummy Tucks Arm Lift Scars? What Should I Do?

Chemical peels ? Skin Needle Roller ? cupping massage? microdermabrasion ? which is the best for scars?? chemical peels Citric Acid Malic Acid... READ MORE

Please tell me the best way to treat my scars other than fillers? I hope that a more permanent solution exists. (photo)

Can someone please advise me as to what type of scars these are and what would be the best way to treat them? How effective would microneedling by a... READ MORE

I am looking for a fast, effective and affordable scar cream that is effective for all types of scars. (photo)

I am from Philippines. I tried different products such as Erase, Maldita bleaching cream, Shark Oil, Sebo de Macho and yet my scars are still... READ MORE

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