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My Husband Cut Behind His Ear, the Cut is About 3 Cm Long Does It Require Stitches?

Cut down the back of his ear where it joins to his head? About 3 cm long, does t need stitches? READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment to Remove Surgical White Scaring

White scaring behind both ears was due to face lift as i have lost a few pounds scaring seems to have become more visible.what treatment would be best... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Demarcation Line and Soften Scar Aound Ear?

I had co2 about 12 years ago, a face lift about 10 years ago, 2 years ago-4 rounds of fraxel to delete hyperpigmentation that had shown up around my... READ MORE

Red Bump or Small Crust at the End of my Scar? (photo)

Please help me, I had surgery when I was 13 for a small tumor behind my ear. One year ago I removed the scar that I had because it was big, the... READ MORE

How Noticeable Would a 4mm Nose Tip Skin Graft Be Using Ear Cartilage to Fill in a Scar/depression

I have tried fillers and dermabrasion and am not completely satisfied. I was wondering, does the graft become depressed also? and does the colour... READ MORE

Correction of Ear Piercings?

Hi there, I have pierced my ears 4 times and have 4 little holes in each ear. I would like to know if there is any way i could get them fixed? They're... READ MORE

I have a keloid on the back of my ear and just got Cryoshape treatment one month ago. It looks exactly the same. Is this normal?

It got black and today a thin scab fell off and it now looks exactly the same as it did before the cryoshape,not one thing different, please help? is... READ MORE

Is this a keloid or a granuloma? (Photo)

My daughter is three years and earrings product that did not serve him, he has turned out that you see in the photo that I send in either ear lobe.... READ MORE

Can I pierce my ear if i have keloids?

When i was younger i had had numerous injuries and all healed well but when i was thirteen i got and injury on my shoulder which healed but the grow... READ MORE

Scab not healed properly in ear. What can I do? (photo)

My 4 year old had a scab on her ear, which seemed to have healed, but gas left a hole instead of skin growing back. What could have caused this and... READ MORE

How Well Do Skin Grafts Match From Inner Ear to Hand? (photo)

I have had a skin graft in my hand for over 12 years and it was taken from behind my ear. it feels perfect a little sensitive, but it has been red... READ MORE

Is this a keloid, an allergic reaction, or hypertrophic scarring? (Photo)

So, about three days ago, I checked the back of my ear with a mirror and saw a small reddish pink bump around my second lobe piercing. There was also... READ MORE

Is it safe to pierce my ear after a keloid, but a different spot from where it occurred?

I had gotten a keloid one year after i pierced my upper lobe on my right ear, now i plan on getting either a cartilage or industrial piercing on my... READ MORE

Ear injury in accident. What suggestions do you have to make this dip invisible? (Photo)

I'm an Indian. i met an fatal accident recently and my ear torn up to 2 cm approx towards anti helix from crux of helix. my ear cartilage was sewed (... READ MORE

Do Cartilage (Helix) Piercings Ever Close?

If I have a cartilage piercing that I want to let close, will it? I've been told that helix piercings shrink but never close. I've been told... READ MORE

What Should I Look at when Buying Silicone Sheeting for Otoplasty Scar?

Hi I got my procedure done 10 weeks ago and my scars are raised and white and I went to another surgeon to get a second opinion and he said that I... READ MORE

Almost 5 months and red scar behind left ear. What do you recommend? (Photo)

Wondering if i should continue to put silicone scar gel and massage twice a day....I had stopped because it was still red and raised and i thought... READ MORE

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