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What is the Best Way to Improve Dog-ears on a Forehead Scar?

Two years ago, my daughter had a hemangioma surgically excised from her forehead. The hemangioma was about the size of a nickel. She is now left with... READ MORE

Scar Revisionist/ Facial Specialist?

I need to find an excellent doctor to fix a scar on my nose from an excision. I live in PA but can travel to NY or NJ as well. I have some suture... READ MORE

Why does my scar burn?

I am 3 months out from scar revision with dog ear removal. Why does my scar burn and sensitive to touch. It feels as if my skin is being ripped open. READ MORE

Hook-shaped Sunken Scar with Dog Ears After Revision - How to Proceed? (photo)

I had a scar revision 8 mon ago (old burn scar just below crock of arm, <0.4 inch, triangular shaped, flat). Revision was performed by a... READ MORE

Will the texture of this scar improve? (Photo)

I am 12 days post op of scar revision. I would like input on my scar. My concern is the indented line in the scar. Does this go away with time? I had... READ MORE

Scar revision and dog ear removal. Does it appear that there is still swelling? (Photo)

On March 6th I had a scar revision and dog ear removal on both sides. Does is appear that there is still swelling or the dog ears were not completely... READ MORE

Dog ears at facial incison aad depressed scar. Can this be revised?

I had a incision of left cheek 7 weeks ago for removal of what turned out to be a detmatofibroma. The scar is depressed and there are dog ears at both... READ MORE

Scar Revision and dog ear removal 4 weeks ago. Still experiencing pain. Is this normal?

I had a scar revision and dog ear removal 4 weeks ago. I am still experiencing off and on pain. It is a burning sensation with it feeling as if my... READ MORE

Can my wide uneven scars, dogears, nipple too high and disfigured areola be fixed? In tears. (Photo)

How do I reduce ear. How do I decrease nipple size and lower nipple. How do I fix the.thick areola scarring please. I feel like a monster and... READ MORE

Look of scar after scar revision surgery, split on bottom, brown color in center where both side sewn together (Photo)

I had a scar revision 8 days ago for previous mole removal surgery that left me with a dog ear on top, dip, depressed in middle and scar tissue formed... READ MORE

What can be done to alleviate painful scarring 1 and 1/2 yrs. later? (Photo)

Kenalog shot, removal of dogs ear, new internal stitches and burning pain when I just put my arm next to my body-absent clothing. Burning on kenalog... READ MORE

Is it abnormal for facial surgical incision to still be dark colored, red 11 weeks post op?

I had a scar revision on face due to a mole removal two years ago that left me with dog ear and indentation. It is on my cheek. It is now 11 weeks... READ MORE

Is this swelling or excess fat and skin?

I had a scar revision and dog ear removal 3 months ago. It appears that there is something wrong on my left side. Does this appear to be swelling or... READ MORE

I have 2 dog-ear scars at both ends of a scar revision line that was done 3 years ago. Have tried 3-4 Kenalog injections (Photo)

About 3 years ago, I had a scar revision. However, I now have 2 lumps, or "dog-ear" scars at both ends of the incision line. The largest and most... READ MORE

What is the best way to revise my dog ear submental scar? (Photo)

I had chin liposuction 1 year ago with one scar revision that has resulted in dog ears of my submental incision with a crease that runs up from the... READ MORE

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