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Doctor Recommendation for Lip Scar Revision in Texas

I am looking for a texas facial plastic surgeon who is very skilled with scar revision of the lips. I have a scar that runs from my upper lip to the... READ MORE

How Can I Find a Facial Plastic Surgeon That Specialize in Scars for Dark Black Skin?

I didn't know what to do. I had a car accident, I have cuts on both cheeks. Last yr I was bit by a spider between the eyes. I was in the hospital for... READ MORE

Any Reputable Medical Centers/Dermatologists Who Specialize in Keloid Laser Treatments Near the Pacific Northwest?

I have keloid scars on my chest, and I've heard they require special attention from someone experienced with treating keloids. My insurance... READ MORE

Fluorouracil 5-FU Injection? Doctor Referral?

Why is it so hard to find a doctor/derm/ps that offers this for hypertrophic scars? I contemplating on buying it online and injecting it myself... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Get Rid of a Deep Facial Scar Under my Left Eye It's C Shaped and Shallow? (photo)

I have a c shaped scar under my left eye due to an accident I had when I was 5 yrs old I've seen a few plastic surgeons the first one injected me with... READ MORE

Scar Revisionist/ Facial Specialist?

I need to find an excellent doctor to fix a scar on my nose from an excision. I live in PA but can travel to NY or NJ as well. I have some suture... READ MORE

Vermillion Border Scar (Scar Revision)‏ (Photo)

Hi there I had an accident at the age of 3 that resulted in damaging my vermillion border - please see pictures attached. I contacted a plastic... READ MORE

Chemotherapy port removal with scar revision by plastic surgeon? (photos)

I have a chemotherapy port from Hodgkin's Lymphoma that I'd like removed in about 2 months from now. It was placed by an interventional radiologist... READ MORE

Dermatologic Surgeon Vs Facial Plastic Surgeon

What is the difference between a dermatologic surgeon and a facial plastic surgeon and which would be best to seek out for scar revisions? READ MORE

Costs of Treating Keloids and Who Should Carry Out Treatment?

I m burnt by acid two years doctor done skin graft,now my scar hill to much.and also itch.i consult plastic surgeon and told it seems to be... READ MORE

Keloid Chemotherapy Treatment in Florida?

I seen a YouTube video of a dermatologist in NY who does chemotherapy on keloids and seems to have very good success with it, but I live in Florida.... READ MORE

Does anyone do TCA Cross in California?

Really need suggestions for a doctor. I've seen amazing results for icepick scars. READ MORE

Is there any treatment for scars (by blade)? (Photo)

Hi, almost one year back i have cut my hand by blade and now i want to remove the scar . Is there an y treatment in India READ MORE

Scar Specialist for Deep Scars in NYC?

Since a spider veine treatment on my nose i have deep scars. I had already done a Dermabrasion and laser treatments, but nothing really helped much.... READ MORE

Suggestion for hypertrophic scar after breast augmentation? (Photo)

Hypertrophic Scar from breast augmentation surgery-18months after surgery. Any laser treatment suggestion and any doctor recommendation? if, scar... READ MORE

Is there any places in Canada that do ReCell in a more aesthetic way?

Wanted to know if anyone knows of any clinics in Canada performing ReCell for more minor cases like acne scarring and burns and such? I know it's... READ MORE

Subcision Doctor Recommendations in NYC or Chapel Hill, NC Area

I'm a student who lives in NYC and goes to school in Chapel Hill, NC, so I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a dermatologist who is... READ MORE

5-FU Injections for Lip Scar. NYC Doctor Recommendations?

A little over a year ago I was in an accident that left me with a lip scar. A few months ago I had a revision that removed some of the scar and helped... READ MORE

5-flourouracil (5-fu) for a Lip Scar. Any MDs in Washington DC Who Offer?

I live in Washington DC. I recently had a lip laceration and several stitches in the ED. Now, 1 month later the sutures have absorbed but I am left... READ MORE

CryoShape Treatment doctor?

I am trying to find a doctor who has used the CryoShape treatment. Wife has keloids behind her ears that keep growing even after several surgeries to... READ MORE

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