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Is it possible to darken my cold sore scar? (photo)

I got a cold sore about 4 months ago that didn't heal properly and left me with a hypopigmented scar on my upper lip. I am african american and the... READ MORE

My knuckles on my right hand have turned dark brown. They do not hurt, but look bruised. What is wrong? (photo)

I previously had injured these knuckles with deep scrapes about 3 months ago. They looked near healed with some light pink/white scarring. Then about... READ MORE

Scar Darkened by Sun?

I have a small flat scar below my knee, like a little cut about 6mm long, I didn't protect it from the sun and now it is darker than the rest of my... READ MORE

A month ago I got two ice pack burns on my arm. Will the scars from it eventually go away? How long would that take? (photos)

Also are there certain products i should get to make the scars fade? I've been using coco butter scar oil, but I can't tell if it's working. I really... READ MORE

Silk'n flash and go burns marks. (photos)

The photos were taken right after using silk'n on my lower legs. I did not experience any discomfort while using the hair removal, but it starts... READ MORE

Can You Give Me Some Information on the Scars That Darken Due to the Effects of Chemotherapy? (photo)

I received chemotherapy in 1991. The chemotheray that was administered was; Cysplatin & Bleyomicin. I am in my 21 years cancer free : ) of stage... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to help the appearance of my scar from sutures? (Photo)

I have an scar on my forehead from sutures from about 2 years ago and over time it seems to have gotten worse over time. I started using a product... READ MORE

When will my darkening scar that I got from a scrape fade? (photo)

A month ago I fell on my bike and fell on my cheek. The scrape on my cheek right above my cheek bone has gotten darker over time. How can I fade it... READ MORE

Looking for a treatment for a blemish/scar/pigmentation. (photos)

A year ago I had a burn on my face, I used Silverol cream, eventually I a couple blemishes on my face that haven't fade for already an yea. If its... READ MORE

I have a white shinny scar over my legs for almost 18 yrs. Is there any way that could make it darker? (photos)

Is there any way than could make it darker? i've heard about Meladinine cream will it work in this case? thank you! READ MORE

Keloid scar on stretch marks, between butt cheeks?

I have stretch marks on my butt and two long stretch marks that were between my butt cheeks. When my daughter was about 1 or 2 I noticed a bump on one... READ MORE

Directly applied dettol after shaving - darkened skin. (photo)

I directly applied dettol after shaving. Some of my skin got peeled off when I scratched as I found it was bleeding now my face turned.red first... READ MORE

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