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How can I get rid of my dark brown bed bug scars?

They're all dried up they appear to be a dark brown i've been having them since 2012 is there any possible way to clear my skin up? READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Dark Eczema Scarring On Legs? (photo)

I was first diagnosed with chronic eczema when I was 6-years-old, I am now 14 and I have been left with severe dark scarring on my legs. I have been... READ MORE

How Do I Remove Old Boil Scars from my Bottom?

When I was younger I used to have a persistent boil problem, which has now left me with horrendous and very noticeable scars on my bottom. This is... READ MORE

Dark scars around my vagina. What can this be? (Photo)

I have had these scars here forever and i have tried every remedy possible and nothing seems to work what can this be! Please help me! READ MORE

How to heal pink/red skin after chemical burn scab falls off.

I put garlic on my face to redecue a few pimples. I left it on my face for 25 - 30 mins and when I washed it off the skin was very dark . 2 days later... READ MORE

What Treatment Should Be Best for Scar/dark Spot Near Lips? (photo)

I've had this scar/dark spot for about 9 years now & I don't even know how I had this. I did have a little accident back then where my left cheek... READ MORE

How do I even skin tone after a rugburn scar?

I have 2 scars, 1 on each side of my stomach from sliding on carpet about 6 months ago. They are about 1" x 1" and are quite dark brown in colour.... READ MORE

My 3year Old Was Bit by a Bug About Two Months Ago and There is Still a Dark Circle There?

He scratched the area making it bleed so we put staph medicine on it just in case we also used neosporin and now I've been putting mederma on it to no... READ MORE

Fell on Knee. Wound Closed Up But It Is Still Dark Red? (photo)

I fell on my knees really hard while jogging. I fell on pavement. my wound closed up but its still dark red . its very large and ugly. will this leave... READ MORE

Treatment for Dark Spots (Scars) on Legs

I have dark spots (superficial scars) on my legs. Had it since I was a child (20 years or more). Is there a treatment that is guaranteed? or at least... READ MORE

Dark Scars on Legs. What Are my Options? (photo)

I have these areas on my lower legs- and ONLY my lower leg that show my pores and actually have these dark sometimes red (like the way it look after... READ MORE

Is There Something That Can Improve the Appearance of This Dark Brown Scar? Can I Use Cortisone Cream Again? (photo)

I had a cortisone injection 2 months ago. the injection in my opinion didnt do anything to the scar to help it but indented the healthy skin beside it... READ MORE

How to remove this dark mark on my face which developed due to pinching it? (photos)

The mark is between the eyebrows.when i pinch it and peel the upper layer,it is getting red in colour and bleeding.afterwards it is getting darkened. READ MORE

Mederma scar treatment gel has made the skin around even darker. Any suggestions?

Is it because it is peeling off the top skin or a side effect? And also will it be permanent?I have been applying it for a week now. Probably i... READ MORE

Possible Facial Scarring After Getting Bit in the Face? (photo)

I was bit in the face during a fight.. the bite did not require stitches, it did however penetrate the dermis but wasn't determined how many layers it... READ MORE

Dark and thick scars post breast reduction. Which treatment can help?

My PS prescribed me Clobetasol Propionate Cream USP, 0.05% and I also used ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets. Neither one worked for me. My PS told me... READ MORE

Is mometasone furoate cream good for removal of old chicken pox scars?

Ma chicken pox scars Is 12 yrs old , there are some dark n hollow,n round spots on ma face...wanted to get rid of them....its reall y embarrassing. ... READ MORE

What can I use on dark marks left from scratches and bug bites on my 3 year old african american daughter?

I have a 3 year old girl with multiple scratch marks and scars from bug bites. They are all over her body: legs, buttocks, back, arms, etc. I was told... READ MORE

Why does my 5 year old scar look light some days and dark other days? (Photo)

Is this something I can/should get treated? If so, what do you recommend. My scar is not thick or raised. READ MORE

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