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What Treatment Would Help Mature Old White Scars?

I have scars over the length of my both of my arms from self injury as an adolescent. They are mature scars(approx. 15 years old)so they are white and... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Reduce/flatten Large Raised Scars? (photo)

I used to cut myself when i was a teenager, got the help I needed, havnt done or thought about it in over 5 years, I want to tattoo over the scars to... READ MORE

Removing Scars From Self-Inflicted Wounds? (photo)

About 2 years ago I had self inflicted a large wound. I had cut before but not this deep (and did not realize how sharp and deep it would end up) it... READ MORE

I Need Advice on my Arm?Cutting Scars? (photo)

About a month and a half ago, i cut my wrist while intoxicated. I would never do it in a right state of mind. Anyway, as you can see from the pics the... READ MORE

Knife Scarring Left Wrist? (photo)

I have knife scarring on left wrist. Very deep on cut closest to hand. Is there a way to flatten? And could skin grafting be a reasonable option? Thanks. READ MORE

Self Injury Scars?

I have written my ex-boyfriend's name on my legs with 6 letter.. Now I want to remove his name from my leg.. The scar is very much visible. I used... READ MORE

18-year-old girl: I cut my hands with a blade one year ago? How can I remove these scars?

Though I have tried many home remedies like honey ..I need to do surgery or any other creams will work? READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Blade Cut Marks in Thigh Region?

Around 10 months back, I'd cut myself on my upper thigh. The cuts were not deep but their marks are still there. I've been applying moisturisers all... READ MORE

Removal of Self Inflicted Scars

Hi i have approx 10 year old self injury scars. Just would like an opinion on whether anything can be done eg fraxel laser to help the appearance of... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Long White Scars on the Arms from a History of Self-harm/Cutting?

I also have two long keloid scars on my shoulder (which are still red/purple), and two large scars on my abdomen-- although these are almost... READ MORE

Self-Mutilation Scars on Arms

I'm a 20 yr old young lady and I've had a rough childhood. One of my arms (upper and lower) have self-mutilation scars (from both cutting and... READ MORE

My Son Has Been Violently Assaulted and Attacked by a Youth Who Used a Stanley Knife. Scar Prevention?

He used the knife and caused a severe laceration which starts from under his right eye in the corner going right down his face to under his chin, then... READ MORE

Year-old self harm scar removal? (photos)

The last I self harmed was about a year ago, and the cuts on my arm have scarred. Using a baking soda and coconut oil mixed has helped drastically,... READ MORE

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