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Small Cut on Forehead - Walked into Door. How Will It Heal?

Around 11 days ago i walked into a wooden door frame and cut my forehead. It was a straight cut around 1.5cm long and 1mm wide, not so deep but it... READ MORE

1 Year Old w/ Forehead Cut

My 1-year old got a small but deep cut to her forehead (slightly less than 1/4 inch). The hospital glued it together and placed steristrips. Now 2... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat cut on the bridge of my nose without scarring? (Photo)

I got a 1.5cm cut on the bridge area mainly with some scrapes. I went home and washed it and put polysporin on thinking it wasn't a big deal. Next... READ MORE

Will I Scar from closed cut on the side of my nose?

Hello. I have a closed cut on the side of my nose(about 1.5 cm long)that had 5 stitches. It's only about 2 weeks old. I'm trying to lessen... READ MORE

2 Year Old Bumped Forehead. Bump and Laceration - Scarring?

My daughter bumped her forehead on a sharp corner and got a bump. I iced it and it went down, but there was a mark (laceration?) scabbing where she... READ MORE

I Had a Bike Accident and I Had Scratch Marks over my Face, What Options Do I Have To Treat This?

I Had a Bike Accident and I Had Scratch Marks over my Face, What Options Do I Have To Treat This? READ MORE

My Husband Cut Behind His Ear, the Cut is About 3 Cm Long Does It Require Stitches?

Cut down the back of his ear where it joins to his head? About 3 cm long, does t need stitches? READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmented Cutting Scars On Wrist? (photo)

I have about 3 cuttings scars, hypopigmented. Theyre embarassing and Im tired of hiding them. I was wondering what treatments will effectively fix... READ MORE

I Cut my Hand with Blade, the Scars Remains, Pls Help Me?

I cut my hand with blade, the scars remains, pls help me READ MORE

Deep cut in upper lip. Can moustache grow back? (Photo)

The cut near the mustache was a deep one it was pinched by a stone in a motorcycle accident and scar which is side of the nose were light one. It was... READ MORE

What Can I Do About the Scars on and Around my Lips? (photo)

About 7 years ago I was in a bad car accident. Glass cut my face on and around my lips. Most of the cuts healed without much scarring but some are... READ MORE

What heals your vagina after cutting it while shaving?

What heals your vagina after cutting it while shaving? I was shaving my vagina Tuesday night and I woke up Wednesday morning and I was bleeding and it... READ MORE

Scarring After Stitches and Missing Month Corners? (photo)

Hi, I got elbowed, busted my lips open, which was deep to the point, in which I was a hole that you can see inside. The cut was horizontal Got 3... READ MORE

How bad of a scar would a deep cut on the forehead on a 17 month old leave? And what can I do to help it heal better?

My daughter is 17 months old. Two days ago she fell face forward our bed and hit her head on the bedframe. There was a lot of blood but it quickly... READ MORE

Remove Nail Marks on Face?

I have a nail cut mark on my face..its up to 1 inch long to remove it completely. READ MORE

Scar Treatment On Forehead From Glass Scratch? (photo)

Hi sir i am rabi from uk.sir i have got scar on my face.It happened when i got stuck with the gate while parking my motorbike.I was wearing helmet at... READ MORE

Should I See a Plastic Surgeon While I'm Healing from Accident Lacerations (to Help Reduce Scarring)?

I Was in an Accident One Month Ago and Had a Laceration on my Forehead, Between my Eyes, Requiring 16 Stiches. The Doctor removing the stiches... READ MORE

Facial Scar on 20-Month-Old Baby

Hi, My daughter is 20 months old and has for a knife cut on her left cheek whish is about 3 inch long. What are the possibilities of getting rid of... READ MORE

Cut Through Baby's Eyebrow? (photo)

My 13 month old fell on a staircase and got a 1 cm cut through his eyebrow. We took him to the ER and they glued it shut. However, they pulled it... READ MORE

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