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Can You Recommend a Good Scar Treatment/Cream for Post Op Breast Augmentation?

I'm 3wks post op from breast augmentation with an inframmary incision. My surgeon said I should use a scar cream but the 1 she offers is quite... READ MORE

How Soon Can You Start Applying Scar Creams/oils to Tummy Tuck Scars ???

What are the best products to use to reduce the scar appearance ?? READ MORE

What's the Most Effective Scar Fade Cream?

Hello, I recently had a tummy tuck and now have a long reddish purplish scar. My doc recommended ScarFade cream, however its pretty expensive and my... READ MORE

Can I Use Melarase Cream on Leg Dark Spots from Insect Bites?

I have dark spots on my legs from old insect bite marks. They cause me to be concerned about darkening and they are visible underneath the skin. Can I... READ MORE

I have a 2nd degree burn on my finger. How long does it take for the skin to get back to normal? (photos)

I've a 2nd degree burn at my Whole fingers and now 3weeks its healing and my skin turn to new pink question is how long it take to the skin... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Scar Redness 4 Months Post Op Following Scar Cream, Is This Normal?

I had a TT 4 mon ago I am olive skin so my scar was more on the brown side. I was using the silicone sheet everyday. When I saw my surgeon a month... READ MORE

Is Scar Repairex Cream Good for Scars? or I Should Go for Silicon Sheets?

I had breast lift and augmentation surgery & arm lift surgery 17 days ago and now my doc recomended scar repairex cream for my scars .. i know i... READ MORE

Which is the Best Scar Cream for the Anchor Scar from Having a Breast Lift?

I am currently using biocorneum advanced scar supervision, the nurses at my surgeons' office said it was the best choice, it was kind of expensive... READ MORE

What the Best Cream for a Scar?

I have a scar between my eyebrrows its a month old. I dont know which cream I should use, am using vitamine E . READ MORE

Keloid Scar is Flat Now but Still Big, Need Advice? (photo)

Hello, i would like to know if there is any cream or new treatment to reduce scars. i had a surgery, inyections of kenalog and steroids, why helped... READ MORE

How to Remove Cuts Scars on Fore Head with the Help of Any Cream?

How to Remove Cuts Scars on Fore Head with the Help of Any Cream? READ MORE

Can I use fucidin cream for an open wound on face?

I have an open wound on face from picking at the skin it is very red and sore. I have some fucidin cream and was wondering can i put that on an open... READ MORE

What is the difference between Hydrocortisone Acetate and Clobetasone Butyrate for bug bite scar?

I suffer quite badly when bitten by an insect, in terms of swelling and bruising around the bite. I have been using Hydrocortisone Acetate 1% w/w. I... READ MORE

I got a scar on the head of my penis and it's really embarrassing. Is there any cream or anything that can be recomended?(photo)

I got this from getting my penis caught in my zipper. This stayed like this for about 2-3 years. It's embarrassing because it looks like stds. Is... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Skin Dark Spot After Healing? (photo)

I had a small cut on my arm 3 months ago but still have a black mark on the same spot, how i get ride of it. is there any cream can help me in this... READ MORE

Timing To Use Creams & Injections for Keloids or Hypertrophic Scars in a Face Lift Around the Ears? (photo)

How Long After Surgery Should I Wait to Use Creams & Injections for Keloids or Hypertrophic Scars in a Face Lift Around the Ears READ MORE

I have a red mark left after cold sore. Any advice?

I recently had a cold soar (a little more than a month ago) and it was more severe than normal. In fact, the cold soar went beyond my upper lip and... READ MORE

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