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Will using silicone sheets on slightly depressed new scar stop the collagen?

I'm two weeks post scar revision on cheek for a mole removed two years ago. I am noticing that the scar in most portions has a slight indent to it,... READ MORE

How can I minimize the raised scar on my lower lip? (photos)

My front tooth cut a hole inside my right lower lip 15 yrs ago when I fell down and I was a kid. I got stitches at ER and a hard lump developed soon... READ MORE

What's the best way to use collagen tape while I'm on holiday, at the beach/swimming pool?

Im going on vacation when my scars are eight weeks old. I use collagene tape non-stop only off when I take a shower and the tape needs to be washed... READ MORE

What is the best scar treatment for my scar? (photos)

I had a fall 10 weeks ago and got a cut on my left cheek. I went to the hospital for daily cleaning and the nurse treating me seemed more concerned... READ MORE

Why do dermal stamp when you can do subcision?

This is for rolling/boxcar acne scars. Please don't bring up lasers lol. Subcision cuts tethering underneath the scar and in doing so the injury... READ MORE

Can I Take Collagen Supplements while injecting a hypertrophic scar on my cheek with Kenalog 10?

Can I Take Collagen Supplements it while injecting a hypertrophic scar on my cheek with Kenalog 10? will it affect the kenalog shot to flatten my scar... READ MORE

I had Cortisone shots for hypertrophic scar about 1 year ago - now there is a small divit/dip on the scar. (photo)

The dip is very minuet but i'm wondering what was the cause of that I.e loss of collagen, etc, and will it go back to normal through time naturally? READ MORE

How to get rid of white self harm scars? (Photo)

They have been visible for 2 years. I've tried bio oil and massaging but they still don't seem to fade.They are quite embarrassing. Is it best to get... READ MORE

Subcision and fillers: Which needle length could I use and when can I begin to needle?

I've got three subcisions done with no improvement. After every subcision i've noticed that the scar retether. I've decided to do subcision with... READ MORE

How can I improve the appearance of this scar tissue? (Photos)

Approx 2 years ago I got a big rash on my inner thigh from a spider bite that left a keloid scar with no muscle tissue underneath. 10... READ MORE

Can Bio Oil help with scarring?

Can Bio Oil help with mass collagen build up under the skin? Can it soften it? Or would it make it worse? I had too much Sculptra and lots of scar... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Producing Collagen Growth in Atrophic Scars on Legs? (photo)

I have more than 20 small atrophic scars mostly 1 centimeter in length covering the inner side of my lower leg from an infection caused by picking... READ MORE

My 1 year old daughter was burned on her chest & chin by boiling milk. Best treatment to prevent her from scarring? (Photo)

Doctors have done collagen dressing n antibiotic treatment for her and they have given dermadew ointment to apply wherever collagen mesh has broken.... READ MORE

Does silicon stop the healthy growth and change of the skin around an incision?

I know that Biocorneum silicon stops the overgrowth of collagen if a scar is in danger of being hypertrophic. What I'm worried about is it will stop... READ MORE

Advise on what to do with my scarring after so many attempts to correct it? (Photo)

I used acutane. 15 yrs later, recieved 4-5 treatments of collagen for scars. Saw derm to correct minor scarring/agreed to C02. W/two agressive passes.... READ MORE

What supplements are recommended to optimise wound healing and get the best scar results?

I believe that Vitamin C is recommended for collagen synthesis but is there anything else worth taking? READ MORE

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