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Repair Lip Scar from a Bad Cold Sore

I get Cold Sores/Herpes on my lip. As a child I use to get them frequently, today I treat them with Valtrex and Acyclovir cream, the minute I feel the... READ MORE

What are the most effective at home remedies for lightening/refilling deep discolored scars as results of cold sores? (photos)

Two months ago I got two huge fever blisters on my upper lip. Once the infection began receding and the blisters scabbed I would moisturize the areas... READ MORE

How do I reduce/get rid of scarring on my lips from picking a cold sore? (photos)

I have to noticeable bright red dots on the skin above my lip from picking cold sores. Is there anyway I can get rid of the scars or make it less... READ MORE

Is it possible to darken my cold sore scar? (photo)

I got a cold sore about 4 months ago that didn't heal properly and left me with a hypopigmented scar on my upper lip. I am african american and the... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this scaring from cold sores that I've picked with? (photo)

When I was younger I used to pick with my cold sores, not knowing that it would eventually scar . I really need help with finding something, I'm 20... READ MORE

Removing Scar on lip due to Cold Sores. (photo)

I've had these little scars for years and it all started when I had a couple cold sores. I don't think I was cleaning them properly and eventually it... READ MORE

Raised, large red scar remains after cold sore, what is the best treatment? (Photo)

About six months ago I had a large cold sore on my lower lip, and upon healing a large scab remained. When the scab peeled I was left with a permanent... READ MORE

Cold sore treated with dettol antiseptic liquid on it, it left a black mark from the side of my lip all the way down.

I peel it. my skin is peeling and it stings i've been put aloe vera on it but what do you command READ MORE

I have a red mark left after cold sore. Any advice?

I recently had a cold soar (a little more than a month ago) and it was more severe than normal. In fact, the cold soar went beyond my upper lip and... READ MORE

7 Month Post Cold Sore Mark. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I have what to appears to be dark sore but is actually a more reddish post cold sore mark from 7 months ago when I improperly cared for it by wiping... READ MORE

How to Eliminate Scars from Cold Sores?

Hi. I suffer from recurrent cold sores/HSV1 which usually only occur on the roof of my lips or above my lips and below my nose (never exclusively on... READ MORE

Cold Sore Scar. What Can I Do?

I got some really bad cold sores about six months ago. I picked at them and they left scars well every since then no difference at all to speak of, Is... READ MORE

What can I do for a cold sore scar that is left pinkish/whiteish? (Photo)

Hi my name is brandon i am 19 years old about 2 months ago i had 2 cold sores as i ussualy would get around this time of year  but this time it... READ MORE

Treatment for red cold sore scar on African American? (photo)

I am african American, female, i got my first cold sore in October 2013. It was pretty big and it left a pink/red scar on my upper lip. Is there... READ MORE

How to darken scar on upper lip? (Photo)

Am african American, female, i got my first cold sore in October 2013. It was pretty big and it left a pink/red scar on my upper lip. Is there... READ MORE

Is there something I can do to fix my upper lip coloring?

When I was 16 (now I am 22, 23 in a couple months), I got cold sores on my upper lip. My upper lip color is normally a dark brown but after the cold... READ MORE

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