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Ugly Chicken Pox/bug Bite Dark Spot/scars Can Chemical Peels or Laser Removal Take Care of This? (photo)

Is it impossible for these to completely go away... I absolutely hate them. I havent worn dresses or shorts outside since middle school in 2004. I... READ MORE

Any Fix for a Chicken Pox Nose Scar? (photo)

Hello, I have always hated this scar on my nose. My nose already has a hump, and is slightly crooked, so this scar, I feel calls even more attention... READ MORE

Childhood Scars on Black Skin, What is the Best Treatment? (photo)

Hi i've having active scars all over my body but mainly on my legs since my childhood, mainly resulting from chicken pox that i had very early. my... READ MORE

How long after chickenpox hole scarring can I get the scars filled/treated? (Photo)

I have a nose punch biopsy like scar on my nose after a chickenpox sore erupted badly on my nose (when the scab came off prematurely there was a... READ MORE

Chickenpox scab fell out during sleep and left a hole. Will it be permanent? (photos)

After the chickenpox subsided, It initially wasn't this bad. It was just a peeling skin area ( no depressions) with a black dot in the middle after... READ MORE

I Am a Keloid Former I Wonder if Derma-rollers Would Work on my Indented Facial Scars from Acne and Chicken Pox?

I am a keloid former i wonder if derma-rollers would work on my indented facial scars from acne and chicken pox...please advice... thanks! READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Black Spots on Legs Caused by Old Mosquito Bites and Chicken Pox?

Can somebody help me with this embarassing legs? Have used several blemishing cream but to no avail. Pls what can I do to reduce the apperance at least? READ MORE

What's the best way to remove chickenpox scars that are on my face? (Photo)

When I was 2, I had the chickenpox really bad, and it had left some scars on my face that are still present today. I was wondering what would be the... READ MORE

Home Remedies for Chickenpox Scars?

I had chickenpox almost 2 and a half years ago. Some scars still seem to exist. They have improved over time but their existence keeps on bothering me... READ MORE

Best Filler for Chicken Pox and Acne Scars on Temple?

I have chicken pox scars and acne scars on my temples. Which is the best injectable filler to treat those scars? I'm looking for something that... READ MORE

What Can I Do About the Scars on my Face? (photo)

I have scars for various reasons on my face. From chicken pox as a child, scratches and even a dent from falling as a child, and most recently acne... READ MORE

Chickenpox Scars Punch Excision? (photo)

Hello. my name is Laila.. i wanna ask if a punch excision is the option for my deep dark chickenpox scars.?¨ is punch excision the option so i can ... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of a Small Hole on my Face? Age? Cost? (photo)

I have a small hole, about a centimeter big, that I got when I had chicken pox as a little kid. Ive always wanted to get rid of it because people are... READ MORE

Big hole on my face because of chickenpox (Photo)

Hi, Please note i have a big 1 hole on my face because of chickenpox, so kindly advise how to fill the hole on my left face. Please find the pic READ MORE

Facial Black Scars from Chickenpox, Options? (photo)

Where do i buy melarase cream? Is it the same like melaquin? I have dark black scars left from chickenpox scars. Ive had punch excision, so my old... READ MORE

How to Remove my 1yr Old Chicken Pox Scars? (photo)

I had my chcken pox scars due to scatching and maybe because of early madication..they are all over my body, legs, arms and a little in my READ MORE

Can Chicken Pox Scars Be Treated With Subcision?

First of all: Are chicken pox scars more similar to boxcar scars or rolling scars or to none of them ? Because I was wondering wether subcision is... READ MORE

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