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Will Hematoma Result to a Scar Tissue?

A baseball hit me hard in the left cheek, leaving me with a black eye. The bruising has since subsided, but I was left with a bump that I believe is a... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Remove This Nail Scratch Mark? (photo)

It's not a scratch anymore, It's a mark on my left cheek and I really don't want it.. I'm only 14 years old and got it like 2 years ago or well in 7th... READ MORE

Will 1 Week Old Second Degree Steam Burn Scars Go Away?

I am 31 years old asian female.i had a bad incident last sunday 10/10/10 while i was trying to open pressure cooker it blew up,got second degree burns... READ MORE

Indented Scar from Punch Biopsy Just Under Eye. What Can I Do?

I had a 4mm punch biopsy on the top of my cheek just under the eye area 10 months ago. It was stitched with 2 removable stitches. It has healed with a... READ MORE

Indented Scarring - Can I Erase the Dents By Scrapping Off Skin?

I have 3 small but noticeable to me indents on my left cheek. Other than this I have very nice skin. My question seems horrific I'm sure. It is... READ MORE

I Have a Small Red Mark on my Face when Applying a Hot Towel with Hot Water. How to Remove? (photo)

About 3 weeks ago I tried to remove a bite mark from my face (cheek) so I followed some instructions online about how to remove a bite mark with a... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Mild Facial Scarring?

I've been told that I have "mild" scarring (even though it doesn't seem that way to me) and would benefit from Fraxel Restore. My end goal... READ MORE

Subcision & Filler, Permanent?

I have a 1 1/2" flat vertical scar on my left cheek, & am interested in subcision with Restylane. However, while one plastic surgeon said that... READ MORE

Deep Scar on my Cheek - What Laser or Treatment Would Help?

I can't hid it with makeup because it's a pitted scar as you can see in the picture. What do you experts recommend? What laser or treatment... READ MORE

How Long Before Scar Revision Scars on Face Heal?

I had scar revision on my cheeks. The scars now look worse. They are indented. How long will it take them to get better and will they eventually fill in? READ MORE

Cheek Injury. What Can I Do About This Scar? (photo)

My 2 yr old cut her cheek on the corner of a door 4 wks ago- it stopped bleeding after a few min and didn’t appear deep so we didn't go to ER. She s... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Create a Scar Without Breaking the Skin?

About 3 weeks ago I took a smack to the cheek from a metal object at mild to moderate force. A bruise developed in the square shape of the object, but... READ MORE

My Three Year Old Son Somehow Scratched His Left Cheek While Staying at His Grandparents House and Now Has a Vertical Scar?

My 3 yr old son scratched his cheek (probably a cat scratch). It's been three weeks and the scar is pink/red with obvious indentation. My biggest... READ MORE

Facial Scar on 20-Month-Old Baby

Hi, My daughter is 20 months old and has for a knife cut on her left cheek whish is about 3 inch long. What are the possibilities of getting rid of... READ MORE

I have a garlic burn on my face how to treat it? (photo)

I used a raw garlic hoping to get rid of the brown gives a burning sensation I then removed the garlic after 3 hours and it burns my skin..... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this scar which was caused by dettol antiseptic liquid? (photo)

I'm a girl and I got pimples on my right cheek so i thought it was a good idea to dip a cotton ball to dettol antiseptic liquid(i didn't mix it with... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Tretinoin to Remodel Pre-existing Acne Scars?

Will it take at least a year from the date of starting tretinoin, or at least a year from the time that the scars were revealed while using the... READ MORE

Scar That Changes Color in the Weather. What to Do?

I have a trauma scar on my cheek that sometimes is not that visible. Sometimes for no reason it becomes extremely red. At other times, in cold... READ MORE

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