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How Would You Know if You Are Prone to Keloids?

I'm about to get laser tattoo removal. i was reading about keloids and i don't know if i am prone to having them they said they can form... READ MORE

How Do I Heal a Little Bump on my Cartilage Piercing?

One month ago I got my cartilage with a gun at Claire's. I always cleaned it with their solution and it doesn't hurt much or anything. Today I... READ MORE

Can Scar Tissue Burn?

I have a small burn scar on my face. It's not that noticable physically but there's a small burning sensation in it from time to time. It... READ MORE

My 3year Old Was Bit by a Bug About Two Months Ago and There is Still a Dark Circle There?

He scratched the area making it bleed so we put staph medicine on it just in case we also used neosporin and now I've been putting mederma on it to no... READ MORE

What is the brown line on my hand? (Photo)

It doesnt hurt, and its not inflamed. I didnt burn, bump or scratch it. It first appeared about 15 days ago, colored red at the time. It has done... READ MORE

Boil scar? What is it? How to treat it? (Photo)

Few weeks ago, I believe I had a boil on my gluteus. It hurt like hell and I could barely sit. There was a round dark circle thing on my buttock.... READ MORE

What Can I Expect from This Cut? (photo)

Roughly three weeks ago, i got a cut on the left side of my face. it was not a very wide cut, but it was a bit deep, and it bled a lot. I was told at... READ MORE

Why have I got a rash that's itchy over my scar?

Had surgery on 16th November where I had my heel bone broken and replaced. My scar now has a rash over it that is so itchy are sore! My foot also is... READ MORE

Pitted scars suddenly appeared on my face? Never had acne. No rash. Can it be due to over exfoliation?

I have small pitted scars, holes very easily seen in spot light. I have never had acne but I do exfoliate quite much .. can this cause thinning and... READ MORE

Is there any other option than tissue expanders for a scar like mine? It is on my arm and it's more than 10 years old. (Photo)

It is on my arm and it's more than 10 years old. In the hospital they put Bivacine on my fresh scar and wrap it up with a gold foil. Think that caused... READ MORE

What's the difference between a depressed scar and a scar that is "protruded"?

What happens and which circumstances determine the depression or protruding of a scar? I've seen some scars that are really depressed and others that... READ MORE

Is this a keloid, hypertrophic scar, an infection, or perhaps an allergy to a metal? (Photo)

My nose was pierced 8 months ago. I recently changed from a surgical steel stud to a gold hoop. A couple of days to about a week into having the hoop,... READ MORE

Can you help me with what this might be, and what it is caused by? (photos)

Hi! I've suffered from these little/big boils on my abdomen for a while now. They come over a few days and are very red and sore. There is rarely any... READ MORE

What causes scar tissue buildup?

For example, a person that has to have Daily or weekly injections in the same spot... can scar tissue buildup there, in that spot? If so... how much... READ MORE

Why Do Some Serious Scars Regain Skin Color, Or Close To It, While Others Do Not? (photo)

Dear Doctors: Last year, I was slashed in the face. Although it has still been under a year, unfortunately it looks like I may end up with a white... READ MORE

Can ReCell for Scars Cause Cancer?

Can re cell that is used for scars cause cancer?why isn't it fda approved yet? READ MORE

Ice-pick Scars Caused by TCA Peel- What Can Be Done?

6 weeks ago I had a TCA peel on my cheeks. They still haven't completely healed, even steroids couldn't deal with redness. Before TCA pell I... READ MORE

Do Laser Treatments Cause Pigment Cells to Be Destroyed in Scars?

I have a shiny scar caused by a glass accident. I am skeptical that laser treatments such as Fraxel and CO2 resurfacing, would cause the shiny scar to... READ MORE

What causes random scarring on body? Best peel for atrophic scarring?

I have been experiencing random scarring all over atrophic scarring what is this READ MORE

Why do I seem to get this hypertrophic scar invasion without a reason? (Photo)

Bumps under the skin, sebaceous hyperplasia? Hypertrophic scarring? Clogged pores? Keloids? I get a pimple, the pimple breaks by it self, it goes away... READ MORE

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