C-section + Scars Treatment

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What is this painful hard lump after cesarean section? (Photo)

I had twins by c section 2007. I developed this bump shortly after my recovery. It is 1inch by 1/2 inch in size. It is located just above the left... READ MORE

How can I treat my 10 year old c-section scar? I think it's infected

I think my 10-year old c-section scar may be infected. It goes from dark red to bright red. Has a glassy look to it with small amount of discharge... READ MORE

C-Section Scar Repair? (photo)

I have an awful C-section scar (approximately 2 ft long) for 30 years now I have started having problems with pain in the lower scared area. I have... READ MORE

I Have a Hypertrophic Scar from a C Section 2 Years Ago, Can Isotretinoin Worsen the Scar?

I am 35 and I had a csection a little over 2 years, my scar is horrible, thick and red, I also had mild acne all my life which was controlled when I... READ MORE

Baby Oil Gel to Remove Steri Strips?

I had a csection a month ago tomorrow. My steri strips are coming up on edges but still very secure. Can i use baby oil gel with aloe and vitamin e to... READ MORE

Will my Keloid Scar Resurface After 2 Csection?

My ob told me they would cut it off during my second csection but I'm scared of it coming back is there anything I could do to try to prevent it after... READ MORE

How long does it take a c-section scar to heal? (photo)

I just had a baby on 7.23.2014, two weeks ago today with c-section. This is my second c-section. The first one was on 03.09.2011, the scar for the... READ MORE

Can c-section scar revision flatten tummy?

After my second c-section, my tummy did not heal flat like it had after my first. I had the dreaded "skin shelf" hanging over my scar. Even worse, my... READ MORE

How Are Thick Caesarian Scars Treated with Injections? (photo)

I had a caesarian 4 years ago, and am left with a red thick caesarian scar. It is vertical instead of horizontal. I am considering have injections to... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Handle Skin Closure After a Cesarean Section on Someone Who Has an Existing Hypertrophic Scar?

I will be having my 3rd c-section in February of 2014. My previous 2 scars turned into hypertrophic scars. My 1st Dr. sutured me up and my scar was... READ MORE

Uneven Repeat C Section Looks and Feels Awful. Complete Numbness and Pain. See a Plastic Surgeon!?

My first c section was done OK in my opinion it was slightly off I never fully lost my extra skin so one side grossly hang lower then the rest but I... READ MORE

Scar and stretch marks. What's the best treatment to improve the appearance? (Photo)

I have a scar from my cesaria and a horrible stretch marks on my abdomen. I would like to know if are there any treatment to improve the appearance.... READ MORE

I noticed this 4 days after shaving on my cesarean scar? Photo of proximal pubic area included. (Photo)

I noticed this four days after shaving my pubic area. After pulsating it with a warm wash cloth, it started to come out with maroon blood, no pus.... READ MORE

C-Section scar revision?

How long do I have to wait to have my C-Section scar revised by a plastic surgeon? (Done having kids) I'm 7 months out.... READ MORE

Second C-section Incision - What Kind of Scar Can I Expect?

I had an emergency vertical c-section 5 years ago and I'm pregnant again and having a c-section at 37 weeks. My doctor told me I could have the... READ MORE

Csection Gone Bad, How Can I Fix This - if Possible? (photo)

I am 35 years old and had my 3rd csection 4 weeks ago. I understand it is harder every time, but this is ridiculous. I am almost sure my doctor did a... READ MORE

Scar very red and blistered. What should I do?

I have a 36 year old Caesarian Scar. I woke up this morning to see it was very red and had a large yellow water blister in the middle of it. I had a... READ MORE

Im 27 Surgery Was for a Disease in the Esophagus As It Tightened Its 5 Inches Long?

I Also Have a C-section Scar What Can I Do  to help rid me the scars or the overall look of it scar is also around belly botton which make my... READ MORE

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