Burn Scar + Scars Treatment

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What Can I Use to Prevent a Burn from Scarring Stomach?

I work in a pizza shop and was bending over the oven, and burnt my stomach yesterday. What can I use so it won't leave a scar?   READ MORE

Discoloration from Burn, Will It Resolve Itself or Will Laser Treatment Be Necessary? (photo)

I burned myself 3 weeks ago resulting in superficial second degree burns. The skin has healed in terms of texture but ive been left with light and... READ MORE

Will this burn mark fade? (Photo)

A month ago hot oil spilled on my 1yr old daughter's face.it turned red and one wound had blister, next day it became brown applied t-bact for 10 days... READ MORE

Reducing/removing Skin Graft Scars?

When my daughter was 17 mo old she spilled boiling hot water on her face and chest. She had third degree burns and needed a skin graft from her thigh,... READ MORE

Will CO2 Fraxel Laser Treatment Remove Burn Scars?

I had a fire accident when I was young. a burning plastic of some sort exploded and burned me on my chest after burning through my thin T-shirt. That... READ MORE

How can I remove dettol burn scars?

I have use dettol liquid for cleaning face without water…. my skin is burn and black spots get appeared, one doctor suggest me to use "triben cn" c... READ MORE

Chemical Burn Is Still Very Red and the Same Size After Over a Month?

I got a chemical burn about the size of a dime on my chin from either salycic acid or rubbing alcohol. I know those are strong chemicals but I felt a... READ MORE

I have brown burn marks on hand (photo)

I have brown burn marks on hand which are 6-8 months old,i have been using licorice extract and arbutin cream for couple of months but did not see any... READ MORE

I Have a Burn Mark on my Lower Left Side Bottom Lip, What Can Be Done So It Can Look Normal Again? (photo)

I have a burn mark on my bottom lip on the left side, it happened years ago, domestic violence, crazy ex husband. READ MORE

Cigarette Burn Scar on my Nipple? (photo)

Hi, Two weeks ago,I had an accidental cigarette burn on my chest and part of the impact hit part of the areola of my nipple. It was not much... READ MORE

Can ReCell Make Scars Disappear?

Skin on my arm was burned by hot water when I was 4 (now I'm 16). My scar is hypopigmented and about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. Can you please... READ MORE

I Have a Cigarette Burn(now Scar) for 3 Months. Its Flat but Red. What Can I Do Now. Will It Heal? (photo)

In December i burnt my self on the forehead with a cigarette. it has healed and there is only a red mark smack dab on my forehead. it really lowers my... READ MORE

How can you help flatten scar tissue or keloid / hypertrophic scars? (photo)

I was wondering if there is anything else to help soften & flatten high raised burn scars on my face from 2nd & 3rd degree burns, if so please help.... READ MORE

A Thick Lump Appears After a Burn on my Son's Neck? (photo)

Hi, my son got a burn on his neck 2 months ago, and it was healing great, but because he is 2 years old, he won't let us touch it, sometimes i used to... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for the Burn Marks to Disappear from my Legs? (photo)

I burned my leg when I was taking a chicken out of the oven & the grease spilled down my leg 4 months ago,iwent straight to to the hospital &... READ MORE

Red Burn Spots On Face From Grease. Options? (photo)

Sprayed in the Face with a Grease Remover for the Stove and Now my Face Burns and Has Red Spots All over It. How Can I Treat It? face READ MORE

How Can Appearance of Skin Grafts Be Improved?

My 48 yr old brother has extensive scaring & skin grafts because of severe burns he received over 30 yrs ago. Are there any newer treatments that... READ MORE

Can 3rd Degree Burn Scars Heal in Anyway? (photo)

So I had an accident in the year 2000 at age 5.. I was playing with a lighter and caught my left sleeve on fire I believe I was wearing 100% cotton... READ MORE

Treatment for Face (Burned by Steam and Hot Vegetable)?

My younger sister had an accident in kitchen on 31dec12.Her face was burned by steam and sabji(When she was trying to open the cooker).Her left side... READ MORE

2nd and 3rd Degree Burns over my Arms? (photo)

Hi, I am a 22 years old male, 1 week ago I burned my self while cooking at home. I burned my both arms, and my toe. Since then I have seen a doctor,... READ MORE

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