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Pls help how can I reduce this swelling scar on my forehead? (photos)

I had an accident and got a cut on my forehead and after stitches were removed and scar healed its still bumpy and swelled and scared pls what do I do... READ MORE

Can Uneven Nasal Sills After Bullhorn Lip Lift Be Fixed?

I had a bullhorn lip lift a week ago. The surgeon cut along the nasal sill into my nostril area in order to hide the scar when performing the lift.... READ MORE

What Else Can Be Done for Upper Blepharplasty Scarring? (photo)

I am almost 8 wks. post op upper bleph & internal brow pexy. Bumpy raised scarring became noticeable shortly after the sutures were removed for... READ MORE

Best scar treatments? I was bitten by a dog 3 weeks ago, have scars above my lip & on my cheek that are raised and bumpy (Photo)

I went to a plastic surgeon. He said I wouldn't be able to do anything to them for months but eventually he could revise them. I've been massaging... READ MORE

What can I do or what kind of scar treatment products can I use to help fade this scar? (photos)

I've had it for almost two years now I got after removing a mole on my chest. I tried doing a home remedy to remove the mole with Apple cider... READ MORE

My dermatologist said I have dermal damage/scarring. How can this be corrected?

I have a bumpy texture on my skin (cheeks, temples and forehead) following a RF treatment. My skin now looks like I have old acne scars / orange peel... READ MORE

Will my scar get any better or should I seek treatment? (Photos)

Two months ago I was bit by a dog on the top of my nose that required 3 stitches. The wound seemed like a "flap" and healed into what looks like a... READ MORE

How can I treat a non-severe chemical burn on face? I now have uneven bumpy cheeks with red splotches everywhere.

Around this time last year I took a trip to the local dollar tree, knowing sometimes they have name brand cosmetics for super cheap. On my shopping... READ MORE

Can Kenalog Injections Help a Person's Bumpy /scarred Skin Areas Return to a More Normal and Natural Skin Texture and Color?

Can Kenalog Injections Help a Person's Bumpy /scarred Skin Areas Return to a More Normal and Natural Skin Texture and Color? READ MORE

My scab fell off and I don't want it to scar. What can I do to prevent it from scarring? (photos)

It fell off in different pieces at a time. One side of the scar is smooth and like shinny the other side is rough and bumpy. READ MORE

Itchy and bumpy scar, is it normal? (Photo)

6 weeks on Monday the 16. Itchy when I touch it and the scars feel bumpy. What can I do? READ MORE

Big bumpy rash on cheeks after being in the sun. What should I do? I am currently traveling abroad and don't want this to scar.

I went out to the beach yesterday and I put sunscreen on a ton and when I got home I realized my cheeks were very red and there were bumps all over.... READ MORE

Scab-like bump on my cheekbone after nasty fall. (Photo)

About 2 years ago I was running towards our security gate, tripped and fell forwards into the bars with my cheekbone taking the hardest hit. I had... READ MORE

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