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KTP Laser for Scar on Bridge of Nose

Years ago i had a small mole removed surgically on the bridge of my nose that left a scar. This faded nicely to my skins tone and wasn't... READ MORE

Treatment Options-Indented Scar on Nose Brige? (photo)

3 month old scar from shave biopsy. What treatment options do I have with this and should I wait 6-12 months to do anything in the hopes that it will... READ MORE

Scar Revision on Nose and Sterioid Injections

Hello, I had scar from when I was a kid on the bridge of my nose. I had a scar revision done to remove the skin and now there are small bumps on the... READ MORE

I got my eyebrows threaded and it left a cut on the bridge of my nose. Could this cause permanent damage? Super paranoid.

I'm almost 3 months post op from rhinoplasty and I've been very careful with my nose, well I got the okay from my surgeon to get my eyebrows done and... READ MORE

What treatment is best for an indented scar on nose bridge? (Photo)

I'm wondering if scar revision is the best method to improve the appearance of the scar, or if I should try subcision. I am open to other methods as... READ MORE

What is the best solution for improving the appearance of a surgery scar between my eyes? (photo)

Scar between my eyes after surgery from dermatologist to remove a cyst. I was told the scar would be barely noticeable in only a few short weeks. 7... READ MORE

I got a cut on my nose bridge. Will it scar? Why is it not surfacing? What can I do to prevent scarring? (Photo)

The cut is 4 days old, i got bumped by a guy and it caused a cut on my nose how can i prevent it from scarring? READ MORE

When does a scar STOP healing? (photo)

I got a giant scrape down my nose a year and a half ago. For about the past 6 months, it has turned into a small raise white square on my nose, with a... READ MORE

How to heal a slight gash on the upper bridge of my nose. (photo)

Got into a fight and someone kicked my nose while i was defending myself. Im okay now and the criminals were detained but now i have this cut and it... READ MORE

Red nose bridge scar and wrinkled upper lip scar? (Photo)

I face planted on ashphalt in August and now it's December and the scars are still very red and noticeable. It has been 4 months and I still cannot... READ MORE

1 year old scar on bridge of nose, what are my options? The scar is slightly sunken and the edges looked contracted. (photo)

1 year and 1 month ago I fell on my face and caused this wound, no stitches could be done As you can see it is still red. I have been putting... READ MORE

3 weeks ago, I had a surgical scar revision on nose bridge. Is it normal to have pin holes and white bumps?

3 weeks ago I has a surgical scar revision on nose bridge for an atrophic scar. Doctor stitch inside with dissolvable stitches and stitch outside. The... READ MORE

3 weeks after a surgical scar revision on nose bridge, is it normal to have pin marks and underneath bumpy stitch marks?

I had an atrophy scar on my nose bridge and had a surgical scar revision. The doctor stitch me underneath and on top. The top stitches where taken out... READ MORE

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