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Which is the Best Brand of Silicone Sheeting for Keloid Scars After Breast Augmentation?

I have pretty bad bumpy and red keloids under my breast folds and am getting implants removed along with the keloids. Do heavy implants have any... READ MORE

Is Scar Repairex Cream Good for Scars? or I Should Go for Silicon Sheets?

I had breast lift and augmentation surgery & arm lift surgery 17 days ago and now my doc recomended scar repairex cream for my scars .. i know i... READ MORE

Which is the Best Scar Cream for the Anchor Scar from Having a Breast Lift?

I am currently using biocorneum advanced scar supervision, the nurses at my surgeons' office said it was the best choice, it was kind of expensive... READ MORE

Which Would Work Better on Breast Reduction Scars, Silicone Gel or Silicone Sheets?

I've been researching scar treatments for my upcoming breast reduction, and silicone products are often recommended. Scarprin, a silicone gel... READ MORE

Dermatix Gel vs Dermatix Silicon Sheet for Breast Augmentation Scars

What is better to use for ugly scars after breast augmentation- Dermatix Ultra gel or Dermatix silicon sheet ? What is more efficient ? READ MORE

Do I Have a Chance of Fixing These Keloid Scars on my Breasts? (photo)

I had breast surgery and i was left with bad scarring. I later had surgery done again to improve the scar and had laser treatment and a gel that i put... READ MORE

Would Tri Luma be safe to use on breast augmentation scars?

I am currently using tri-luma for a couple brown spots on my face. it occurred to me after I left my dermatologist that I may be able to use it on... READ MORE

How Do You Erase Small, Deep Scars On The Base Of The Nose From Rhinoplasty?

Time did not erase the deep, small scars on the base of the nose and deep, very noticable scars at the base of the breasts from surgery. READ MORE

Red Bruise or Blood Vessels Near Incision Site? (photo)

I had a breast biopsy which left me with a hypertrophic scar that didn't look good. That was the first hypertrophic scar I had. I decided to have it... READ MORE

I Have Self Inflicted Picking Scars from when I Used Drugs. Is There Treatment?

Some of the scars have keloided and i have them all over my arms, breats and legs. I want to remove them if possible becuse it is a horrible reminder... READ MORE

What is best treatment for scars?

Which is the best treatment for scars that are white and flat? They are from a breast augmentation in the fold, and are flat and white. Does massage,... READ MORE

What is the Best OTC Scar Treament for After Breast Surgery?

I am going in for breast augmentation in May. I would like to have whatever scar care available to start to use asap after-wards. I would like to know... READ MORE

How to Fade Darkened Vertical Lift Scar?

Had a full vertical lift to revise a horrible benelli lift.I have waited alnist two years. Horrible benelli. Disaster vertical lift.I do not want more... READ MORE

Scar revision after having necrosis on breast. Am I about to go through it all over again? (photos)

I just had a scar revision about 3 weeks ago after suffering from necrosis and a large hole in my breast after a breast lift with reduction back in... READ MORE

Boils Have Left Ugly Scars

I get really bad boils between my thighs, and on my sides, sometimes under my breast. I haven't had them treated because I don't have health... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Pigmented Surgical Scars?

I had surgery to my breasts about 6 months ago, and the scars I've been left with are dark pinky/red, and raised or indented in places. What's... READ MORE

I have several second degree burns on my chest and breasts, Can Mederma help with the scarring?

I have several old scars that look horrible and some newer burns that are healing, but they take a very long time to heal. The burns are from... READ MORE

I Have a Scar on my Top Right Breast from a Nail Top and Also Spot from Mosquitoes Bites, How Do I Get Rid of Them? (photo)

I had the scar on my breast since i was 9, i think, and the mosquitoes bites all comes and goes when i lived in Jamaica. Also i have back ance. My... READ MORE

Can the Abrasion of a Beard Cause Scarring Atrophy?

I had a breast augmentation two months ago and the scar around my areaola looked perfect until a man´s recently grown beard rubbed against my... READ MORE

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