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Treatment Options for Crater/Boxcar Scars on Nose?

In December 2010 I got some inflamed spots that turned to scabs and were picked prematurely. They left me with these terrible crater scars that... READ MORE

Is Subcision Effective On Boxcar Scars? (photo)

I know that they general rule is subcision is effective for "rolling scars mainly and sometimes boxcar scars." But scars vary so much that I'm not... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for icepick/boxcar scars for olive skin? Microneddling + Genesis or Punch excision + picosure?(photo)

I am 29 y, olive skin and I have been fighting against acne For 20 y. After use Accutane twice, now I want treat my scars. I have a icepick and boxcar... READ MORE

How Can I Remove the Box Scars on my Face and Make my Cheeks Look Fuller with out Any Irregularities?

Hi, i have three box scars on my face and they together give a wave like appearance..there is big dip in that area and cheek has gone inside...can... READ MORE

Worse scar formed after TCA cross and subcision

Hello I had a small boxscar that was treated about 1.5 weeks ago with subcision and then TCA cross straight after. My dermatologist said that he had... READ MORE

Is subcision the best solution for the deep boxcar scar that I have on my nose? If not, what would be the best solution? (photo)

Hi, Deep Boxcar Scar on Nose. I was thinking that subcision with a combination of laser treatment would work. READ MORE

Will Differin or Glycolic acid facewash help on boxcar scar?

I have a shallow box scar on my nose, it is 2 weeks old but not red anymore. I have some Differin leftover, and i know that there are some studies... READ MORE

Can I Get Rid of Tan and Scars on Face?

I have 3 box scars on my left cheek. they are very close to each other and it looks like a dip over that area.Can these scars be removed and can i get... READ MORE

What treatments would be best for icepick & some boxcar scars on brown skin? (Photo)

I have brown skin, first of all, so not interested in lasers, but what would be the best treatment/treatments for my icepick & some boxcar scars... READ MORE

How long after a TCA cross procedure do you see the results?

I have had TCA cross two weeks ago mainly for boxcar scarring by my dermatologist and nearly all my scabs have fallen off but I do not see any... READ MORE

Treatment for wide deep boxcar scars? (Photo)

I have a deep wide boxcar scar on my left cheek. I don't like looking into the mirrors. Because sometimes it made me cry. My scar is caused by popping... READ MORE

What kind of scarring do I have and what treatment would be beneficial? (Photo)

I think I have boxscar and some Ice pick scars but they are relatively shallow (correct me if I am wrong) I have a derm appointment next week and she... READ MORE

I'm looking for the best treatment for atrophic box scars and ice pick scars? (Photo)

I have atrophic box scars (Ice pick) on the crest of my chin. They appear deep in some areas and shallow in others, stretching as I gain weight. I am... READ MORE

Can I do Dermasanding every 8-12 weeks in between?

Could you also please tell me if dermasanding will be effective for boxscar and rolling-type scars? I'm planning to apply Avene's Cicalfate Repair... READ MORE

What type of scarring do I have on my face? (Photo)

Can someone tell me WHAT type of scars I have? I believe the one of my temple is a boxcar scar, but that bothers me little compared to the ugly... READ MORE

Can my temple scars be treated with TCA Cross? (Photo)

I have boxcar scars on my temple area, will TCA Cross help lift this scars to level with the surrounding skin? Thanks! READ MORE

What is Intradermal Air Dissection and how well does it works?

I have several deep boxcar and rolling scars on my face. I recently got this treatment done, intradermal air dissection. the doctor told me that it's... READ MORE

Self Needling boxcar scar healed?

I self needled a box scar on my nose 2 weeks ago, it scabbed and yesterday the scab fell off. The skin underneath is pink and flat. There is no dent... READ MORE

Random Scarring .. Rosacea .. Demodex ? Is there any way to stop this? Treat its appearance. Any help would be truly appreciated

I'm 23 years old . I used to have baby like skin until recently , I've been noticing new scars on my face , ice pick , box scars and rolling .. Which... READ MORE

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