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Should I Have Hard Scar Tissue Cut from my Lip? Worried About Further Scarring. (photo)

Two months ago, I blacked out from food poisoning and bit my lower lip both inside and out and required stitches. I have now a visible scar as well as... READ MORE

I Busted my Bottom Lip Open and then I Had It Stitched Back Together but There is a Fat Lump Now, What Can I Do to Get if Fixed?

I was at a bar one night and one thing lead to another and I got into a fight with someone, and ended up splitting open my bottom lip and needed 5... READ MORE

Can you repair a lower lip that has a chunk of tissue about an inch removed?

My sister was bitten by a dog and it shredded her top lip and removed about an inch of tissue on her lower lip. The ER surgeon said that he could... READ MORE

I Have Terrible Dark Scarred Bottom Lip. What Can Be Done to Fix Surgically? (photo)

Pink and dark spots on lip. They started to appearin almost 2 years ago, so I stopped smoking but I have yet to notice any changes. READ MORE

Need Good Facial Plastic Surgeon on Long Island or NYC for Excision Around Lower Lip?

I am looking for experienced doctor who has performed surgical excision of the lower lip around lip line and below. I have 2 areas of scar tissue I... READ MORE

I want to know my options for scar revision on my lower lip (Photo)

Hello! I made an unfortunate face plant on concrete ground about 5 years ago. As the picture shows, I have a large lump of scar tissue in the left... READ MORE

Can anything be done to make my daughter's lip look and feel as normal as possible? (Photo)

Back in January my daughter sustained two deep tissue electrical burns to her bottom lip. Initially her plastic surgeon thought she would need some... READ MORE

Options to improve the appearance of scars? How soon should I start treatment? (photos)

I suffered from a dog bite to my cheek & lower lip 5 months ago. I was seen by my Kiaser plastic surgeon who is recommending 1 year of healing... READ MORE

I have a scar bump on my bottom lip on the front right side and excess tissue towards back right side. What is a safe treatment?

What is a safe treatment to even out my bottom lip tissue and excise small bump scar tissue. i got hit in my lip and it swell up Only on right side Is... READ MORE

What preventative measures I can take to avoid scarring? (Photo)

Hello Doctor, Today I got surgery done for retention cyst on my lower lip (outside). Upon asking my surgeon for scar he sounded positive , so I would... READ MORE

Half of bottom lip won't move when talking/smiling. (photo)

When I was about 3, I injured my lip. I have a small scar in the corner of my mouth. I had never noticed before, but looking at old pictures and... READ MORE

What to do after I've been freshly attacked by my little dog? What can I do to prevent the scar from being big? (Photo)

I was cuddling with my little dog and he licked my face got ahold of my lips and stabbed my bottom lip, literally around (5:15pm) I now have a deep... READ MORE

Scar tissue developed at border of lower lip from filler injections?

I got fillers, Restylane and Juvederm back to back about four years ago and I did not like the results. I waited a long time for the fillers to go but... READ MORE

What type of procedure would I need to fix the scar tissue in my lower lip which makes me have a crooked smile? (Photo)

When I was young, I fell swinging between two tables and my tooth went through my lip. Since then I've had a crooked smile with a noticeable bump in... READ MORE

I have an acid burn at the right corner of my bottom lip. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I'm eastern Asian and eat lots of olives. I literally felt the right corner of my bottom lip burn from the acids of olives. Next morning, I looked at... READ MORE

Scar revision under chin, doctor pulled back too tight, pain and lower lip now hangs

Hi, I would greatly appreciate help. I had a scar revision under my chin a year ago. The doctor removed scar tissue and pulled back to close the... READ MORE

I have a small wound underneath my lip. I want to get rid of it. What is the technique that will be used to remove it? (photo)

I injuried underneath my lip and now I have a wound.what kind of procedure I need to seek and is it possible to cure it and to be hidden 100% as if... READ MORE

Scars on lips. One is always open and bleeding. What's causing it and can it be treated?

My husband has been about 8 years wound on the lower lip, walk from dermarologa to a dermatologist and have him so far only operated in such a way... READ MORE

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