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Boil Scars Buttock and Inner Thighs?

I had MRSA about 10 years ago, I had alot of boils on my inner thighs, close to my bikini line and vagina and inner buttock cheeks. The boils tunneled... READ MORE

I have really bad scars on my inner thighs. Would a skin peel help? (Photo)

I carry really high levels of staff and I have lots of really ugly dark scars and spots on my inner thighs and in my arm pit from them turning into... READ MORE

How Do I Remove Old Boil Scars from my Bottom?

When I was younger I used to have a persistent boil problem, which has now left me with horrendous and very noticeable scars on my bottom. This is... READ MORE

Treatment for boil scarring? (photo)

2-3 years ago I had severe boils on my legs, mainly my shin of my left leg, although a few on my right shin and the back of both thighs and both bum... READ MORE

How to get rid of painful bumps on inner thigh?

I am an over weight female and I keep getting a lot of bumps that I think are boils on my inner thigh area between my bikini line and vagina. I am too... READ MORE

How to Remove Scars of Hot Water from my Face?

Hello, it just happen yesterday in my kitchen, the boiling water fall on my face near to right side eye lid and in fore-head mostly. so could u help... READ MORE

What products will heal boils and scars?

Hi my name is Victoria. For years I've been trying to find out other ways to get rid of boils around my thighs butt and now my breast sometimes my arm... READ MORE

Boil scar? What is it? How to treat it? (Photo)

Few weeks ago, I believe I had a boil on my gluteus. It hurt like hell and I could barely sit. There was a round dark circle thing on my buttock.... READ MORE

How to clear up skin from scars left by Boils?

Hello Mr.Chong here. My wife has been getting boils on her body (thighs,armpits and also under her breast). We have been searching for years now on... READ MORE

Is there any way to cure boils or fade the scars? Any way to reduce the pain? Why do they have a foul odor to them?

Im currently 18 and have been living with boils for about 7 or more years, I was told that ots basically in my blood because my pap has basically live... READ MORE

What causes boils? How can I prevent them from forming and leaves scars?

I have been getting boils for over 10 years now. Sometimes I get them more frequently and sometimes not at all. But when I do they are like lumps that... READ MORE

I'd like to ask for advice regarding the treatment/restoration of an old hypertrophic scar. (photo)

It has been caused by a boil under my breast (open wound) around 6 years ago. It is raised and I badly want to make it look normal via any procedure.... READ MORE

How to improve deep scars?

I have gotten boils for the past 6 years, they have lightened up a bit now that I am older but the problem still persists. The deep purple scarring on... READ MORE

Can you help me with what this might be, and what it is caused by? (photos)

Hi! I've suffered from these little/big boils on my abdomen for a while now. They come over a few days and are very red and sore. There is rarely any... READ MORE

Boils Have Left Ugly Scars

I get really bad boils between my thighs, and on my sides, sometimes under my breast. I haven't had them treated because I don't have health... READ MORE

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