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Long Indented Old Scar on Forehead. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

How to remove a 22 year old indented scar on my forehead? I have this scar from a bicycle accident on my forehead since i was 6 years old, and... READ MORE

How can I treat the scar under the foreskin of penis? (photo)

Hello doctors, the scar on my penis kills my confidence. how will it get heal any creams or type a special doctor and his location please. in my age... READ MORE

Does peeling of the skin with wax leave a scar?! (photos)

Hello! Yesterday night i waxed my upper lip, ended up by pealing the skin with the wax, and it got really bad, i applied ice to it for a while then... READ MORE

Scars On My Legs From Bug Bites? 18 y/o, African.

Im 18 years old and im originallly African and I have dark skin. When I was yonger I was bitten by mosquitos on holiday to Africa and also got certain... READ MORE

How do I reduce/get rid of scarring on my lips from picking a cold sore? (photos)

I have to noticeable bright red dots on the skin above my lip from picking cold sores. Is there anyway I can get rid of the scars or make it less... READ MORE

Revision On Two Eyebrow Piercing Scars?

I got a double eyebrow piercing when I was 16 and I wore it util I turned 18, now I'm 20 an I completely regret it. I took it out because it was... READ MORE

Surgical or Non Surgical Options to Improve Upper Lip Scar on the Vermilion Border

Are there possible options that may improve a scar I have on my upper lip. It is an old scar from a dog bite I recived when I was 4 years old. I am a... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this scaring from cold sores that I've picked with? (photo)

When I was younger I used to pick with my cold sores, not knowing that it would eventually scar . I really need help with finding something, I'm 20... READ MORE

Removal of an Old Deep Facial Scar (photo)

I am currently 21 years old. When I was 14, I had a mole on my cheek that kept growing and it had to be removed. I was left with a scar. Not only is... READ MORE

How to Help This Scar? (photo)

I have a scar between my eyebrows. The scar is slightly atrophic. I got the scar when I hit my head accidentally at the edge of two walls. It has been... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Old Surgical Scar in my Tummy?

I had an intestinal obstruction surgery when i was 8 months old& it left that scar extending from the right side of my tummy to my belly button... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Lip Scar Revision in Texas

I am looking for a texas facial plastic surgeon who is very skilled with scar revision of the lips. I have a scar that runs from my upper lip to the... READ MORE

How do I remove my scratches on my face?

How i remove my scratches on my face.There are too much.The scratches on my face was scratched by fingernails of my cousin at childhood but... READ MORE

Can 3rd Degree Burn Scars Heal in Anyway? (photo)

So I had an accident in the year 2000 at age 5.. I was playing with a lighter and caught my left sleeve on fire I believe I was wearing 100% cotton... READ MORE

2nd and 3rd Degree Burns over my Arms? (photo)

Hi, I am a 22 years old male, 1 week ago I burned my self while cooking at home. I burned my both arms, and my toe. Since then I have seen a doctor,... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Indented Surgical Scar? (photo)

Im 24 and have had an indented scar on my forehead since I was about 3. I fell and hit my head on stairs and had to get stitches. The indentation... READ MORE

Can I Still Use Dermatix on a 4-Year Old Keloid?

I had an motor accident last oct 2006 , and the wound became keloid , and i also had again an motor accident last dec2009 , what should be the... READ MORE

Tribal Marks on My Face, How Do I Rid of Them? (photo)

Tribal Marks on My Face, How Do I Rid of Them? Hard to look in the Mirror.Am a University Undergraduate of 19.A Girl. READ MORE

What can I do for a cold sore scar that is left pinkish/whiteish? (Photo)

Hi my name is brandon i am 19 years old about 2 months ago i had 2 cold sores as i ussualy would get around this time of year  but this time it... READ MORE

Shallow Indents on Face from Squeezing Spots

I am a 20 year old female who has very shallow, surface indents on my skin from squeezing spots. The indents are only noticeable in certain light and... READ MORE

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