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What's the Most Effective Scar Fade Cream?

Hello, I recently had a tummy tuck and now have a long reddish purplish scar. My doc recommended ScarFade cream, however its pretty expensive and my... READ MORE

Kenalog Made my Scar Concave: Can This Be Fixed?

My surgeon injected one of my cholecystectomy scars with Kenalog in order to flatten it out. But it worked too well and now it looks like I have a... READ MORE

Do I Have Keloid or Hypertrophic Scar?

I had major surgery about 11 months ago. A  tumor was removed from my pancreas. At the beginning, the scar looked normal, but 2 months after, I... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar - Silicone Sheets or Laser Treatment?

I had abdominal surgery 2 years ago to remove cysts & left with 8cm scar. Tried all different oilment,scar cream 6 months after surgery.Tried the... READ MORE

Can an Abdominal Surgery Scar Be Revised to Be Less Severe?

At birth I had three intestinal surgeries that left me with a severe scar across my abdomen. I've always been a bit hesitant about wearing tight... READ MORE

Abdominal Scar?

Hello Everyone, I have a long vertical scar about 10 cm on my stomach due to the child appendectomy surgery. I actually did a scar surgery revision... READ MORE

How to take care of my fresh tummy tuck scar? I am now one week and 4 days post op

My doctor asked me to continue using my garnment and covering my belly scars with bandages. I have been using Neosporin, but he said I should not go... READ MORE

Is There Anything That Can Be Done About Deep Scars Left from High Doses of Dexamethasone?

Is there anything that can be done for loose skin and scarring? My husband had a spinal tumor and was put on very high doses of steriod for almost a... READ MORE

Every Time I Try to Do Sit Ups, I Have Pains Where the Scar in At? is It a Result of my Surgery on my Intestines I Had? (photo)

The scar is pretty deep as shown in the pictures. I just wanted to know the opinion of a doctor if the pains is due to me working out my ab muscles or... READ MORE

Any way to make a surgical scar less pink after 6 years? (Photo)

Had a tummy tuck 6 years ago. The scar is still red and/or pink (depends on temperature). It doesn't look bad in this photo, but when I go shirtless... READ MORE

What can be done to these two small scars to "flatten" them? (photo)

I had an appendix surgery when I was 9 years old and now I'm 18 years old and I have always been self conscious about them. The one above my belly... READ MORE

Is there anything that can help my butchered scar and loose skin? (Photo)

I had a mini tummy tuck done 1 year ago and I am devastated with the results. I had a very little loose skin on my stomach, the surgeon convinced me... READ MORE

Abnormal scar 7 days after operation. Will it flatten? (Photo)

I had keyhole surgery 7 days ago and took the waterproof dressings off yesterday. One of my incisions isn't healing like the rest. There's no weeping... READ MORE

There has to be a way to fix this surgical scar from 5 years ago

I'm still really young and I've only tried a laser treatment which didn't help at all. What else is out there? I don't want another surgery. Maybe... READ MORE

Tattoo covering tummy tuck scar ?

Dear doctors. I had my tummy tuck 6 months ago . Everything is fine but I consider my scar too high . It is also very dark . I ' ve tried to wear a... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use a Sauna/Steam Room and Get a Body Scrub After a Laser Treatment for Scars?

I had a laser treatment after an abdominoplasty to help with scarring. Is it adviseable to use a sauna/steam room and get a scrub after such treatment... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Long White Scars on the Arms from a History of Self-harm/Cutting?

I also have two long keloid scars on my shoulder (which are still red/purple), and two large scars on my abdomen-- although these are almost... READ MORE

What Type of Scar is This? What Are my Options to Return my Stomach to Normal? (photo)

I had abdominal surgery 8 months ago after 3 weeks of healing the incision site ruptured due to abscesses that developed after surgery. I was left... READ MORE

I have a tunnel wound scar from abdominal surgery, created a hole in my stomach. (Photo)

I also have a horrid line scar, but the hole in my stomach is a worse deformity. The scar makes it look as if I have two navels. The scar isn't too... READ MORE

What can I use other then medical tape to cover a open surgical wound? (photos)

I have a itchy burning rash from medical tape I use to adhere the gauze over an open surgical wound on my abdomen. READ MORE

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