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Can You Recommend a Good Scar Treatment/Cream for Post Op Breast Augmentation?

I'm 3wks post op from breast augmentation with an inframmary incision. My surgeon said I should use a scar cream but the 1 she offers is quite... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a mark left by waxing 3 weeks ago? (photo)

Hi I waxed an area on my face 3 weeks ago but accidently ripped off my skin. It is of a light brown shade and I wanted to know how I could get rid of... READ MORE

Nasal Trauma and Expected Skin Scar. Preventative Measures? (photo)

I had a facial trauma 3 weeks ago and i had a lacerated wound on my nose and it is healing slowly each day is slightly better r but i am concerned... READ MORE

Fillers for steroid induced atrophy? Is this temporary? (photos)

3 wks ago, had steroid injected into very faint scar on top of my middle lip. Now whole mid lip sunk, there are horizontal lines and folds that didnt... READ MORE

Scar Injections Caused a Depression on the Good Skin Around the Raised Scars?

Hello, 3 weeks ago I had scar injections for my raised scars. Right now, however, not only the raised scars did not get flat, the good skin around... READ MORE

Scar revision after having necrosis on breast. Am I about to go through it all over again? (photos)

I just had a scar revision about 3 weeks ago after suffering from necrosis and a large hole in my breast after a breast lift with reduction back in... READ MORE

If a burn bleeds will it definitely scar? Otherwise how long will it take to fade/go?

Hi, so like 3 weeks ago I accidentally burnt my nose with hot water whilst attempting to steam my face. Anyway I now have a small red circle on the... READ MORE

What to do for scar that has been scratched while in the healing process?

I had a small mole removed from my nose 3 weeks ago. The surgeon used stitches for it, I had the stitches removed on time as recommended and was... READ MORE

Swelling after scar revision, should I be concerned?

I had a scar revision done 3 weeks ago and then it started swelling up and its been like this for about a week now. There was a hair growing out... READ MORE

Using MediHoney cream and ScarAway silicone strips simultaneously? (Photos)

I was wondering if I can use Medihoney cream and ScarAway silicone strips together? I'd like to start using them since I am 3 weeks post op. READ MORE

3 weeks post op from Tummy Tuck. What should I use for scarring?

3 weeks post op from Tummy Tuck My doctor says I can start applying some kind of cream on the scars from where the lipo or drains were coming out of... READ MORE

Skin tags frozen. Tags are gone. How long for brown spots to disappear? (photo)

I had skin tags frozen about 3 weeks ago. How long will it take for the large brown spots this procedure left on my face and neck to disappear? I am... READ MORE

Will I need a revision? (Photo)

I had a bad mom pouch after 3 c sections and had muscles that weren't connected after the last. I recently had a scar revision and am wondering if I... READ MORE

Are Blisters Next to the Vertical Incisions Normal? How Can It Heal W/o Scar?

I had a breast lift with implants 3 weeks ago. In my forth day I notice blisters next to vertical and the horizontal incision. Went to my ps and he... READ MORE

3 weeks post op, my face has burned by dettol liquid. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

About 3 weeks ago, Sir my face skin has burn by dettol liquid. It's my mistake....... Please suggest me some treatment to fade the scar...... Thank u READ MORE

Is it abnormal for facial surgical incision to still be dark colored, red 11 weeks post op?

I had a scar revision on face due to a mole removal two years ago that left me with dog ear and indentation. It is on my cheek. It is now 11 weeks... READ MORE

3 weeks ago, I had a surgical scar revision on nose bridge. Is it normal to have pin holes and white bumps?

3 weeks ago I has a surgical scar revision on nose bridge for an atrophic scar. Doctor stitch inside with dissolvable stitches and stitch outside. The... READ MORE

3 weeks after a surgical scar revision on nose bridge, is it normal to have pin marks and underneath bumpy stitch marks?

I had an atrophy scar on my nose bridge and had a surgical scar revision. The doctor stitch me underneath and on top. The top stitches where taken out... READ MORE

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