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Glued Forehead Wound, Big Gap Now. What To Do? (photo)

My son fell and split his forehead open. At the ER they advised us to use glue instead of stitches. Now 2 weeks later, the glue is peeling off and the... READ MORE

Scar Revision Post-Op 2 Week? (photo)

Hi, I just had scar revision on a cluster of depressed scarring on my forehead. My doctor suggested he cut out the scarred skin from the and suture... READ MORE

Will this scar get smaller and covered by eyebrow hair? (photo)

4 year old boy get 2 stitches by a surgeon and that is the result ( it is about 2 weeks now since stitches removed ). Does this scar will get... READ MORE

I Am 14 Days P.O. and Getting Keloid Scaring After a Tight Lift and Tt What Should I Do?

I am 14 days P.O. and I am getting keloid scaring in many place after having spiral thigh lift and tt what can I do to help myself and my scar to heal... READ MORE

Itchy Scar - 12 Days Post Op Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck on July 9th and my scars are so itchy they are driving me crazy! Is there anything I can put on the scar? READ MORE

When can I stop applying antibiotic and start applying mederma, etc? (Photo)

I removed my dermabond last night after having it on for 12 days. This is day 2 of applying antibiotic but I'm not sure if it's futile adding it at... READ MORE

Best post-surgery treatment for new incision?

I have a two week old 3mm biopsy punch incision from cyst removal on face. What is best post treatment available to reduce redness? Area around... READ MORE

Will the texture of this scar improve? (Photo)

I am 12 days post op of scar revision. I would like input on my scar. My concern is the indented line in the scar. Does this go away with time? I had... READ MORE

14 days post scar revision on nose and forehead: are the scars healing well? (Photo)

At 14 days are the scars suppose to look like this?i was asked to used antibiotic ointment but its making my incision lines n scabs do i... READ MORE

2 weeks post gyno surgery. Can I have advice on the scar tissue that is forming?

I am 2 weeks post gyno surgery(gland removal and lipo) and some serious scar tissue started to form. I am massaging for more then 1h per day and I can... READ MORE

I was wondering if there were any ways to help my cyst removal scar heal better, become less visible? (photo)

I recently had an epidermoid cyst on my right cheek removed by a surgeon. It's been 13 days since the surgery and only 4 days since he removed the... READ MORE

Do surgeons see their scar revision surgery patients for post op, follow up appointments?

I'm a domestic abuse survivor and two weeks ago had scar revision surgery on my right forearm. Scar due to injury from past domestic abuse. A nurse... READ MORE

Lip atrophy after steroid shot in upper lip for a small scar, what are my options?

2wks ago had 1 steroid shot for a small 3wk old scar in my upper lip. Now, the injection site on my upper lip itself (pink part) became wrinkled, lost... READ MORE

2 weeks after scar revision on vertical forehead scar, scar looks depressed. Anything to help it? (Photo)

When I were little I fell an went to the ER and they did butterfuly stitches. I'm 20 now and the scar was indented, wide and visible a lot. I did the... READ MORE

Massage after cortisone shot for scar?

I had cortisone injection for my scar two weeks ago. I had a lump so I kept touching it like I was massaging it. Now, the lump has gone. I fear that... READ MORE

Hematoma Healing

I recently had a procedure done, 2 weeks ago, to revise a scar in the groin area. I have developed a teaspoon size hematoma. What can I do to make it... READ MORE

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