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Slit Wrist Scar Removal Options

Four months ago, I took a drug overdose and slit my left wrist. Thanks to a great therapist, I am doing much better emotionally. The slit wasn't too... READ MORE

Flat Discolored Scar? (photo)

I had a ganglion cyst removed about 18 months ago and my scar is still present on my wrist. It's not terrible but my wife and I agreed that we should... READ MORE

I have a long scar from surgery on my wrist. How can I reduce the redness and thickness? (Photo)

I have a long scar on my wrist from wrist surgery. It's been almost 3 months and it's still so obvious and red. What is the best way to reduce the... READ MORE

How do I remove my scars from wrist cuts? (photos)

Have few cuts on my wrist. Not a really deep cut. Its been a month and the color of my cuts are still pretty pinky. How can i remove this scar..? Im... READ MORE

Post burn care. Any suggestions? (photos)

6 weeks post hot oil burn 2nd degree deep dermal. What else can I do to minimize permanent scarring and discoloration? I don't know what to expect... READ MORE

How do I get rid of my hyperpigmented scar as a result of a cut? (photo)

Hi there, I got a cut on my wrist while scrapping and it left a scarring with dark stubborn hyperpigmented surroundings and a white line in the middle... READ MORE

How to remove a keloid from my left hand wrist? (photos)

I had met with an accident and my wrist got switched as the switches were not properly done doctor advice me to apply MUPIMENT ointement and after... READ MORE

Can self inflicted burn scars on hands and wrists be removed?

I burned my hand with and both wrists with a smoking pipe that I lit up and pushed into these areas. It was a terrible mistake that I regret a lot.... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a wrist scar? (photo)

I have this ugly scar on my wrist from two years ago. it is really red and the width is 7 millimeters. It is possible to remove it and the new scar... READ MORE

What is the best method to make under arm/wrist scars go completely unnoticeable/remove? (photos)

I have very thin scars on my arm.(about 2 years old). The thing is they are not noticeable at first glance,do not look like scars unless flashed by a... READ MORE

Is scar removal possible on wrist? (Photos)

About 4 years ago I was in a really dark place. I cut the top of my wrist and accidentally cut too deep and never went to get it stitched up. Now I'm... READ MORE

Could my scars be removed completely? Do I need Laser treatment or would a cream do? (photos)

There really thin and white im trying to join the military and i want to get them removed before joining. READ MORE

Can Keloid in the Palms Be Removed? (photo)

A few years ago I had carpel tunnel surgery in both hands. The surgery corrected the problem, but I formed keloids in both hands. I do have keloids on... READ MORE

I need to know how to remove a self inflicted cigarette burn scar on my wrist (Photo)

I shared a burn scar with someone about 3 to 4 years ago. Its on the inside of my wrist, pops out a little and is located right above a vein which... READ MORE

How can I get a scar removed or reduced on my wrist? (Photo)

My cut itches and causes a lot of pain during the night. How can I stop the pain and reduce/remove the scar? I know I caused this problem myself, but... READ MORE

Need to remove white scar in wrist

I had cut my wrist 2 yrs ago and it turned into white scar ..what is the best white scar cream or gel to reduce the apprence.i want to remove the scar... READ MORE

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