Wound + Scar Removal

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Very Unhappy With Rib Cartilage Harvest Scar- Options?

Hi, I had revision rhinoplasty with rib cartilage. To add to my displeasure with the revision rhinoplasty results, I now have a very unsightly scar in... READ MORE

Scar removal, the stitches were left in my wound. Is it normal for a surgeon to leave the stitch? Do they come out on their own?

I got a scar removal surgery On 5/17/2014 so when I got my stitches removed one week later. I noticed the surgeon left some stitches that he may have... READ MORE

What is Best Removal Process for Deep Scar Left from Necrotic Wound? (photo)

Over 10 months ago I had small pimple like bumps appear on my chin that rapidly developed into a fleshly wound where the tissue became necrotic. It... READ MORE

Can I completely remove a small white scar?

A small white scar by wound healing..i have a very small white colored scar which was a result of wound healing after an injury..it is white in color.... READ MORE

How to get rid of these scars? (photos)

Hi, what kind of treatment(s) do I need to get rid of these scars ? I've had them since I was 7yrs old, would scratch wounds back then. And since... READ MORE

Laser for Lessening Scar on Lip?

I had a few three days ago and probably should have had my lip sewed up but didn't. I think there will be a decent scar. Are lasers really effective... READ MORE

How do I reduce or remove wound and chicken pox scars on my legs? I'm 26 and I've living with them for 20 years.

How do I reduce or remove wound and chicken pox scars on my legs im 26 and I've living with them for 20 years READ MORE

Burned face 4 days ago and wounds are still pink. When should I expect healing or will I face permanent discoloration? (Photo)

I burned my face cooking. There were no blisters or extreme pain. The one doctor said it looked superficial and gave me aquaphor but the wounds are... READ MORE

My stitches have been in for 30 days. This is a very deep dog bite. Should I leave them in until the wound closes? (photos)

The wound was not closed tightly at the ER. The wound was very deep and split in the middle . How long can they stay in? I can't afford to return back... READ MORE

Can anyone help me quickly heal if not remove 3 branding wounds that came from a piping hot coat hanger? (photo)

A couple days ago me and my intoxicated friends thought it would be badass to make 3 Rambo-like scars on our bicep. Well let me tell you, it's not... READ MORE

Best way to remove or whiten dark spots and scars on my legs? (photos)

I had a habit of peeling and scratching off wounds when i was younger and i really never toke care of my skin. I was careless amd i would just like to... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat a risen scar due to the removal of an abscess? (photos)

About two years ago I was diagnosed with MRSA. Because of it, more than one abscess formed on my butt. There were two close to the crack and one... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if a Wound Caused by Road Rash is Infected?

This happened 9 days ago now I crashed my scooter. READ MORE

I Have a 2nd or 3rd Degree Burn That is a Year Old, Which Blisters and Requires Cortisone Cream and the Scar is Ugly? (photo)

A year ago I received a burn the size of a quarter. It blistered and my skin came off immediately. The gaping wound closed on its own a month later... READ MORE

Wound above lip. Will mustache grow after healing?

I hav met with an accident before a week.. Got wounded above my right side lips... My doubt is that, will the mustache grow after the wound... READ MORE

How to remove wound marks from the hairy area & grow hair in that area? (photos)

Sir now i am 20 years old and my wound mark is in between my lips and nose in straight form and when i grew old i feel shame . so provide me best... READ MORE

A tumbler of boiling water and eucalyptus oil fell over me and my thighs got bad burns. Any suggestions? (photos)

3 months after the incident, I am looking at ugly scars on both my thighs. 1. Is Laser treatment going to help here? 2. I have been applying silicone... READ MORE

How to heal raw skin after Keloid falls off from Rubberband Method? (photos)

Currently I am using peroxide to clean, and then applying triple antibiotic ointment to moisturize and covering with a cotton ball using medical tape... READ MORE

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