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What Can Be Done for White Scars?

Is there anything than can be done to correct white scars that are lighter than my skin color? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove a Scar on Lip Completely

I have a scar on my lip which is small, white and slightly raised and i've had it ever since an accident when I was little, I was wondering what... READ MORE

How to Remove Scar from Wart Removal?

10 years ago, I had gone through removing warts electrically from my lips that produced 2 scars. One on my upper lip which is small on the left side,... READ MORE

I burned my forehead with a curling iron and the burnt skin peeled off, revealing a almost white complexion. What do I do?

I was curling my hair and I burnt my forehead badly. Unfornenetly I didn't think it was as bad as it was so I just continued curling and it started to... READ MORE

Raised Mole Removal: How Can I Remove the Scar?

I had a mole removed in the office of a general practicioner 21 years ago when I was a teen. I have a raised scar that is white but ugly. Since that... READ MORE

How to Remove 2 Year Old Facial Scar From Dog Bite? (photo)

I have this facial scar right above my lip from a dog bite. This happened 2 years ago. The scar is not deep or wide, but I had to get 3 stitches. The... READ MORE

How to Treat White Scars on Nipples and Legs?

I have white scars around my nipples from augmentation and on my leg from mole removal. Ive gone to several PS and I just cant give up. White scars... READ MORE

How can I Remove the White Scar in my Lip Since my Childhood?

I had the habbit of peeling off my it landed me with awhite scar...people think i am a to get rid of this scar...... READ MORE

Can the white scar on my bottom lip be removed? (photo)

On the picture shown you see a white bump. I saw that it was white and I thought it was a wart. So I kept ripping it off for about a year. This year I... READ MORE

What is the White Tissue Around my Wound? (photo)

I wound my leg after falling on concrete 2 days ago, i have only treated with "povidone-iodine ointment" yesterday a White tissue formed around the... READ MORE

How to get rid off from white and black marks/scars? (photos)

I have white and black scars on my arms and legs due to mosquito bite and I am in habit of scratching it. It makes me loose my confidence level . I... READ MORE

My upper arms and legs are full of thick scars which turned into a noticeable white color. What treatment would you recommend?

WhencI was a teenager I had a serious problem with cutting. My upper arms and legs are full of thick scars but since it was almost a decade ago the... READ MORE

Is medical micropigmentation injections in the skin affective for white surgical scars?

Does permanent skin camouflage or medical micropigmentation that is injected into white scars work? I was told it is injected in to the skin and is... READ MORE

How to get rid of old, flat, white, smooth scars? I have picked my skin for years and it has left me very scarred.

Most of my scars are smooth/flat and white. I have many small scars all over my upper back, shoulders, arms, chest, and a bit on my face.... READ MORE

Child's chin injury scar has white nodules. Will they go away or not? Does she need to see a doctor? (Photo)

My six year old daughter injured her chin, but it didn't look bad enough for stitches. We cleaned it and occasionally used Neosporin on it. We have... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Old White Scars on Legs?

I have scars on my legs which are 15 years old. They are like round white shiny scars and I cannot remove them by some cream. I cannot wear skirts and... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Hide White and Brownish Scar?

Hi, I am a black skinned lady with old scars of over 20 years. They have a kind of white and brownish color. Please, which treatment can I use to at... READ MORE

Average Price White Acne Scars Removal on Back and Shoulders?

Thank you for your advice about extensive acne scars on back area. I have had this situation all over my shoulders for almost 10 years. I am... READ MORE

Can I get rid of a small white scar under my eye? (Photo)

I have a small white flat scar under my left eye and it itches a lot. I have added a picture but I'm afraid it doesn't show so much in it. It's been... READ MORE

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