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How to remove white chicken pox marks on forehead? It is kind of flat and quite visible. (photo)

I had chicken pox almost year and a half ago.Already did Fractional laser but no improvement.  I must have scratched them during the last few... READ MORE

How to get rid of shingles scar? (photos)

About a year ago I had shingles on my nose. I've had eight sessions of co2 fraxile laser and the scar is still visible. Willing to try anything.. Any... READ MORE

How can I make scar on my forehead less visible? I've tried laser, peels and Kenalog. I need a surgeon in Austin, TX. (Photo)

I had an accident when i was a kid and got a slant scar about 1.5 inch in the middle of my forehead. I had 3 scar revisions - the last one was 3 yrs... READ MORE

What should I have done to reduce visibility and or get rid my 3rd degree burn scars on both legs and back of leg? (photo)

I was 5 when I Got burn. My mother was frying some sausages in oil before she came and got me and my little sister out of the tub. I was the first... READ MORE

What can be done for non-inconspicuous implant removal scars, which are visible when wearing a swim suit?

My surgeon thought it was a good idea to avoid putting incisions on my breasts--even though I already had scars from which he could have removed my... READ MORE

Is there anyway this scar can be less visible? I posted this before but I need more feedback (Photo)

I've had it for almost 15years. I think what has made it worse is that i always wear hats. Maybe its not as bad as i think it is. It has definitely... READ MORE

How much can I expect to pay to have five round white scars removed on my chest? (photo)

I have some scars on my chest from a skin infection. They are round (ish) in shape, flat and white. I really just want them to be thinner and less... READ MORE

How can I decrease the visibility of a five year old scar on my lip? (photo)

Five years ago my braces ripped my lip and I am still left with a scar. It's a small bump that is visible when my lips are wet/dry. How can I limit... READ MORE

​What treatment can remove childhood chicken pox scars?

It lightens over time but still quite visible on my legs since my complexion is brown and the spots appear more darker. Help, how can i get rid of... READ MORE

Isolated deep scar on cheek. What's my best option? (Photo)

I have what I believe are ice pick scarring on my cheeks but here's an isolated ice pick scar that's very deep and really bothersome and very visible.... READ MORE

How can I reduce the visibility of my scars?

After a breast lift and implants, I am wondering if there is anything extra a patient can do to help with the healing of scars and make them as less... READ MORE

Facial Scar Revision - Visible suture marks (railroad tracks). (photos)

Hi, I've posted to this site twice before as I continue on my journey to improve the appearance of the scar on my face. After the initial surgery, the... READ MORE

What can I use to permanently remove these scars? (photos)

I've had these at age 11 & grew up covering my legs. Now that my legs are white and my scars are more visible now. I'm tired of wearing long... READ MORE

Scar on forehead following accident and over 100 stiches. Would like best course of treatment to reduce visibility. (Photo)

I have about a 7 inch scar on my forehead following an accident. It was nicely stiched up with over 100 stiched but is obviously still visible. I... READ MORE

i had stitches above my right eyebrow about 2 years ago, but it left a bump. (photo)

Whats the best way to get rid of it and maybe even make the scar seem less visible. READ MORE

Is there a cheaper way of removing my scar? (Photo)

Hi. I have a scar from when I was like 6 years old maybe younger I don't remember. I'm now 25 years old and the scar still looks the same. Anyhow I... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Breast scar removal? (photos)

I had accessory nipples removed about 7 months ago, however the scars are very prominent. Is there a way I could make these scars less visable? READ MORE

Appearance of Scars in the Morning?

Dear Doctors, Can someone explain to me how does it happen that my acne scars are almost invissible in the morning, just after I get up from the bed... READ MORE

Can I make a scar from stitches less visible? How would this be possible? (photos)

When I was about 7 years old I hit my head on the side of a wall and required 7 stitches in my forehead. This was done in Spain, as my family was on... READ MORE

Can anything be done for raised hypopigmented chin scar from trauma? (photos)

When I was young I slipped and fell on my chin resulting in one big visible white scar on my chin and two small ones. Seven years later I really want... READ MORE

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