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How To Remove Bug Bite Scars From Legs?

I have two red pea sized bumps on each leg resembling a fresh bug bite. I am being told that they are bug bite scars. They appeared there after a trip... READ MORE

Removing Severe Ingrown Pubic Hair Scars and Permanent Hair Removal. Which type, what equipment and why? (photo)

Due to abundance of extremely thick and curly pubic hair, hairs become severely ingrown after conventional removal methods. It has caused mainly... READ MORE

Is It Keloid or Hypertrophic Scars? (photo)

I had my ear lobe pierced 2 years ago. I'm afraid that I have a keloid on it since there is like a small ball on it. I just notice this after reading... READ MORE

What type of scars do I have? Can a treatment ever fix it 100 percent? What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I have done 2 treatments of dermapen (1 month apart). My 3rd treatment is supposed to be in 2 weeks with the added PRP. I am wondering when I am... READ MORE

Would laser scar removal be the best option for me and what type? (photo)

I was in a car accident 6 weeks ago and broke my collarbone (clavicle). I then had to have surgery (plate and screws) to repair it which was 5 weeks... READ MORE

What type of scar is this? Will removing this scar change the shape of lips? (photos)

1.What type of scar is this? It is a lumpy scar. 2.Around how much would it cost to get this scar removed? 3. What kind of treatments can be used to... READ MORE

Does this scar will fade and what type of this scar? (photos)

Child get scrape under his eye and formed scabe was vey soft and looks near to yellow which removed accidentally after 2 days of injury the skin was... READ MORE

What type of scar do I have? How can I get rid of it, or lighten it ? Please help (Photo)

Around the month of February or the end of that month, i had a terrible fall leading me to scrapping my knee. The cut was some what deep but not to... READ MORE

Scar revision? If so, which type? (photos)

I had my TT and Hernia repair done 7mos ago however, about 3mos ago my TT scar and around my belly button became dark in color and thick like... READ MORE

Depressed scar - is this type hard to get rid off? (photos)

How can i get rid of this scar ? How much would it be im from united Kingdom ?  READ MORE

Scar type? How can I remove it or reduce the appearance of it? (Photo)

Hello, I would like to ask what kind of scar I have on my leg and how I can remove it or reduce the appearance of it, I was injured around December... READ MORE

What kind of procedure would I need to remove soft scar tissue on my top lip? (Photos)

I ran face first into a brick wall when I was 9 and have had protruding scar tissue on my lip since. I've noticed it has impacted my speech over time,... READ MORE

What type of scar is this called and how do I remove it? How much will it cost? (Photo)

Years ago I was put on steroids for medical reasons which lead to acne which lead to this dent in my face. Thank you READ MORE

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