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What Options Do I Have to Help Alleviate Forehead Scar from Trauma? (photo)

I got into a bike accident 4 weeks ago and got a large laceration above my left eyebrow on my forehead. It was sutured up in the ED and I had the... READ MORE

Scar Removal For Trauma on Bottom of My Chin? (photo)

I suffered trauma to my bottom chin from a bad fall. The scar is raised.I first got a kenalog injection,and the scar went completely flat.Then,my scar... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Scar Tissue from my Forehead from Being Hit with a Baseball/softball on my Head?

About 4 or 5 years ago I got hit by a line drive in my head during softball. I got a huge bump past my nose and I had a concussion. I still have a... READ MORE

Need Help With Scar Revision?

What would give the best result for my scar. One surgeon recommended a straight line closure and another recommended a geometric line closure but said... READ MORE

Can Scar Tissue Be Cut out of Your Lip Due to a Accident?

I got into a car accident in July and my lip got cut open and stitched 5days later now my left side of my lip is thick and lifted from scar tissue READ MORE

Unhappy with myself - scar revision? (photos)

When I was 3 years old, I had abdominal and internal surgery due to a traumatic event that left me with a large 6 inch verticle scar and two small... READ MORE

I had deep cuts facial trauma where the skin was cut open. After plastic surgery this is my scar, will laser or PRP help?(photo)

August 2014, I had my accident, plastic surgery the same day and in October I got my first low setting ultra pulse laser and now in July 2015 my... READ MORE

What Benefits Can RF Micro-needling Have For Traumatic Facial Scars? (photo)

I have a traumatic scar above my upper lip from a deep puncture injury years ago. It was repaired in 3 layers by a plastic surgeon but has poor... READ MORE

Scar revision surgery failed to improve my scar. Is this because my skin heals poorly or did something else go wrong? (photo)

My trauma scar was revised 8 months ago. After surgery, the scar started out thin but then widened and sunk in as it healed. It is now wide, atrophic... READ MORE

Possible scar revision on facial trauma scars? (photos)

Was involved in a car crash 10 years ago and recieved the following scars on the bridge of my nose which then goes over my right eye and above my lip... READ MORE

Are There Are Any Scar Remedies Available to Make my Accidental Traumatic Scars As Small and Inconspicuous As Possible? (photo)

I have 2 facial scars that I want to have work done on if possible. One of the areas is by the right side of my nose and the other is by my right ear.... READ MORE

Atrophic Scar From Trauma on Nose. What treatments will minimize the look of this scar? (Photo)

I got crashed into and received this scar on my nose in October. I had a laser to take the color out in January. What treatments will minimize the... READ MORE

I have a 3.5 inch scar resulting from a fall and blunt force trauma. The scar is a deep purple. It has been 9 months. (Photo)

Because it is on the knee, the scar appears to be expanding. Given the difficult location of the scar, what are the best treatment options to minimize... READ MORE

How Best Would You Revise These Scars? (photo)

How best would you revise these scars which are on my face these they are causing me severe distress what would be needed to sort them out. The one... READ MORE

Lip Trauma, Lip scar, bit my own lip. (photo)

I bit my lip about a week and a half ago. When I was really drunk and more. Now I have this scar. It's not lumpy, just patchy and I really don't like... READ MORE

Pro bono surgery for facial trauma and scarring?

At 17 I was in a car accident where I hit the windshield. The result, significant scarring on my face. I've lived with these scars but hated everyday... READ MORE

Removal for forehead scar after trauma? (photos)

I was punched in the face about 4-5 weeks ago which split my head open. I did not receive stitches as I was told it wasn't needed, but now I am left... READ MORE

Big Hard Hematoma on my Right Cheek, What Can I Do to Dissolve It or Which Dr Should I Seek to Get Advice?

I fell and suffered a face trauma to my right side as well as a fracture orbit of about 4mm, I was told I have a hematoma since then which was 5/14, a... READ MORE

I have lots of scars on my abdomen from Laparotomy and trama. Is there a treatment that can reduce or remove them? (photo)

HiI have a lot of scars after numerous incisions in my abdomen, laparotomy etc from trauma.Can these scars be lessened in any way? (Picture... READ MORE

Hard scar on the bottom lip after fall. Will it go away? (photo)

Fell face first. My teeth bit through my lower lip. Got 7 stitches. My bottom lip split literally in half but inside not outside. In any case, it has... READ MORE

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