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How to Remove Scar from Wart Removal?

10 years ago, I had gone through removing warts electrically from my lips that produced 2 scars. One on my upper lip which is small on the left side,... READ MORE

How Do I Best Get Rid of a Depressed, Colorless Dog Bite Scar from when I Was 4?

When I was 4 years old I was bit by a dog and have a very noticeable scar that goes from mid-cheek to my top lip on my right side; I am now 24 years... READ MORE

What Are My Options To Correct An Uneven Top Lip Due To Scarring?

Can This Be Corrected I Have Small Round Bump of Scar Tissue and a Uneven Top Lip Line Due to 2 Scars  READ MORE

I had a cleft lip and want to know if it's possible for me to have an even top lip and a cupid's bow? (Photo)

I was born with a cleft lip and the operation was around the time I was 6 months old. So I have a very old scar. The scar goes from my lip to just... READ MORE

Cyst removal scar. Is it possible to completely remove this scar? (Photo)

This scar is the result of a cyst removal surgery. This surgey was about 12 years ago. This scar is on top of my top lip, more on the left side. Is it... READ MORE

What non-invasive or invasive method will help reduce the appearance of my scar? (Photo)

I slipped last September on the kitchen floor and my top front tooth punctured the skin above my lip. The horizontal part of the scar is where my... READ MORE

I'd like this lip scar removed. Is it possible? (photo)

I got hit in the face while performing duties at work which resulted int my top lip getting busted pretty badly. They gave me stitches and it's heal... READ MORE

I busted my lip and the scar didn't go away. It left a keloid type bump on my top lip (Photo)

Is there anyway i can shrink it naturally or do you think i may need surgery? READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to keep the scarring to a minimum when stitches are removed? Or get rid of it completely? (photos)

I have a through and through cut from a car accident. The cut goes from my upper lip into the top across the border of my lip.. I am very nervous... READ MORE

What can I do and what is this bump on my lip?

I fell 3 years ago and since then I've had this bump on the top right lip. It's embarrassing. Please help! READ MORE

Removal of Hypertrophic/Keloid Scar from Upper Arm/Shoulder? (photo)

Hello, car accident left scars on my upper arm & top lip. Arm scar is a 2 -part scar & in the past Ive had injections that were 100%... READ MORE

Looking Me a Texas Facial Plastic Surgeon Who is Very Skilled at Scar Revision of the Lip

I have a scar the runs from the top of my lip to the bottom of my nose, it is an atrophic scar. As a 3 year old I was bitten by a dog, I am 24 years... READ MORE

Top Lip Piercing Left a Visible Hole - Seeking a Solution

This top lip 'Monroe' piercing has been left to heal for approx. 6 years. The hole and the indentation like a 'ring doughnut' bother me. Also, if I... READ MORE

I've had this scar for two years and it's really embarrassing. I need to get it removed. Does anyone know any cures? (Photo)

The scar was due to fire burn and after the burns and injury were healed the scar stayed? READ MORE

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