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When Can I Have Laser Scar Revision?

How long should you wait to try laser scar revision after a traumatic facial laceration? Laceration was on the skin just above the lip and it extends... READ MORE

5 Year Old Child and Scar Revision on Forehead - Now or Later? (photo)

My 5yo tripped and fell into a corner 8 months ago, splitting her forehead fairly deeply. We took her to the ER and she received 12 stitches. The... READ MORE

How Soon After a Breast Lift is Laser Scar Removal Ideal?

ALSO during the process of removing the scars, would this include scar tissue around the areolas? READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery After an Appendectomy Recommended? Unhappy With The Swelling and Scarring? (photo)

Hi, I had an emergency appendectomy 3 months ago. The scar is 4 inches and the area above it, looks swollen. It feels like there is fluid or fatty... READ MORE

When Can I Expect My Cheek Scar's Redness to Fade?

Hi, i'm 20 years old caucasian guy. At my age 6 as a result of accident i had a scar on my cheek (1 inch and half long). I don't worry about... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatment Help Indented and Red Scar?

I have a red scar between my eyes from an injury 5 weeks ago. Also, it is indented. Will laser treatment help it fade? How long should I wait before... READ MORE

Scar Revisions On Extended Tummy Tuck!

I researched and did my homework went to the Best Dr. here in the O.C. but I was left with really HIGH scar's in the back of my body I feel SO... READ MORE

Laser Scar Removal

How long after a full tummy tuck is it safe to have laser scar removal done. READ MORE

i have a scar in my forehead, my question is how can remove this scar in a few days? (photo)

I have a scar in my forehead, my question is how can remove this scar in a few days? READ MORE

Hematoma after facelift causing massive scar inside both cheeks: How long until I can have internal scar revision? (Photo)

Seven weeks postop. i can see the results already of the facelift which was part of filler removal. i developed hematoma and then a thick band of scar... READ MORE

Is there any way to get rid of this scar 100%? Or could it just be made more like the color of my face? (Photo)

Im a Brown Skin young guy 20 Y.o , i got this scare like when i was 13 cause of an accident , after that i keept seeing doctors until i got a really... READ MORE

Scar on cheek - how long before I can have it surgically removed and stitched together? (Photo)

I have a small, wide looking scar on my cheek. When I look in the mirror it is very evident that if I had gotten stitches that it would be slimmer to... READ MORE

When to Start Sports After Laceration?

Hello! I had a facial laceration on the forehead that required stitches... it was fairly small and not too deep... 3 days after getting the stitches... READ MORE

How soon can I get a new scar lasered down? Would an erbium laser work? I had upper eyelid blepharoplasty two months ago.

I had an upper eyelid blepharoplasty two months ago. A suture broke and the edges were not approximated in one area, so that small area healed with a... READ MORE

Keloids....So I started my keloid removal Aug 13th and its the 29th and I'm really starting to feel down.

All the videos that I watched their keloids were gone in the next 7 days. I don't know why its taking so long but I really wish it just falls off. Its... READ MORE

How soon after a wound heals and a scar appears can I start to remove it? (Photo)

I have a scar that just healed on my chin from pulse dye laser done to aggressive ..When can I start treatment ? What are my options? PDL? Surgery ?... READ MORE

When Can I Do Arm Surgical Scar Removal After Breaking Bone? What Will It Cost?

Hi, my up arm has been broken two months ago and I had a surgery then. Now the wound is healing. I do know there will be a scar after all. I am using... READ MORE

How Long is SOCIAL Downtime/redness for Light Electrosurgery for Edges of Dime Size Scar?

Just having the edges of my scar leveled. Just want to know how long i would have a red ring. READ MORE

How Long After a Facial Scar Excision Can You Start Using Self Tanner/bronzer?

How Long After a Facial Scar Excision Can You Start Using Self Tanner/bronzer? READ MORE

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