Temples + Scar Removal

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Is Excision or Subcision the Right Treatment for my Scar? (photo)

I have an atrophic scar as shown on the picture. Apart from being depressed, the texture of the scar is different to normal skin (thinner,... READ MORE

Do I Have Any Options for Improving Bad Temporal Hairline Facelift Scar Placement?

I had a SMAS facelift w/ fat grafting on 5/20/11. I am 2-wks post-surgery. Had immediate swelling/bruising which has subsided but is still present. My... READ MORE

Scar Removal from Forehead, Eyebrow and Temple? (photo)

I have blade scars on my eye brow and forehead and temple. The scars (of the eyebrow and temple) are visible on the photo. They were put for a... READ MORE

What are the risks of subcision? (Photo)

I have scars on forehead and temple area. What are the risks of subcision ? Can the result be worse after subcision e.g. more scarring, pigmentation,... READ MORE

What are my options to hide/remove big scar on my temple? (photo)

Hi. Im 23 years old male who had a surgery about 10 years ago for birthmark removal. The birthmark was big and the surgery left me with 2,5x5,5cm scar... READ MORE

Scar Revision Needed for Asian Male? Please help!!! Facelift and Hairline Lowering related (photos)

I received a hairline lowering a year ago and my scar hasn't been healing well. My right temple scar is very apparent and hair growth/density has been... READ MORE

Best Method to Treat My Depressed Scar? (photo)

The following picture shows my scar located on the temporal area. It is not deep but obvious in certain lightings. Flattens out if I stretch the... READ MORE

What are my options for repairing my hairline after two scalp incisions? (photos)

In the past year and a half , I have had two operations on my forehead. The first used a gullwing incision, the second incision followed my hairline... READ MORE

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