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Best Technique for Burn Scar Removal?

I have some small, not so deep, burn scars. I'm considering either some sort of laser treatment or microneedling. Which would work better? I may... READ MORE

Opportunities Depressed Scar

Hello, what opportunities are there to improve the appearance of the depressed scar shown in the attachment? Is Excision a useful choice? What else... READ MORE

Small Raised Scar Above Lip. Will it Go Away? (photo)

Ten months ago I tripped and scraped my face on the sidewalk. Everything healed well except for a small scar just above my upper lip. It is slightly... READ MORE

Scar Revision on Forehead on Brown Skin? (photo)

Hello I want to have a scar reduced since I know there is no way to completely get rid of it, I had it since I was in the first or second grade and I... READ MORE

What is a Scar Revision? What Is The Technique For Breast Augmentation Scars?

If I was told my incisions were too tight and I need a scar revision. How is that procedure done? Could it make it worse? The incisions were from a... READ MORE

Scar Removal from Forehead, Eyebrow and Temple? (photo)

I have blade scars on my eye brow and forehead and temple. The scars (of the eyebrow and temple) are visible on the photo. They were put for a... READ MORE

Is Anyone Offering the New Scar Treatment by Lumenis, SCAAR FX?

I recently read that Lumenis just came out with a new handpiece for its Ultra Pulse CO2 system. It's called SCAAR FX. I've seen improvements in my... READ MORE

Need Help With Scar Revision?

What would give the best result for my scar. One surgeon recommended a straight line closure and another recommended a geometric line closure but said... READ MORE

Best suture technique for scar revision on face?

I know layered suture is the best, one in the dermal, and one on the surface. But my doctor everted the surface suture where it looked like a... READ MORE

What's the best technique to help make my scar less visible? (Photo)

Looking to get plastic surgeons advive on scar revision and what is best technique to use to make this scar not noticable have highlighted in red was... READ MORE

Does Dermabrasion or Any Other Procedure Have Potential to "Remove" Scars Permanently?

Hi. If fractional co2 laser doesn't remove acne scars permanently, does any other procedure do? Maybe dermabrasion or older ablative lasers (those... READ MORE

Can I remove my scar? What is the best method and approximately how much it will cost? (Photo)

Had an incident last year. After months of visiting my surgeon i was hoping that he would help me not to have so much scaring. He recommended a new... READ MORE

Is there any method to remove scar/stitch mark?

3 week ago i have an accident. below left eyebrow i have 5 stiches. its completely healed right now. but there is an impression of stich mark. should... READ MORE

I'm having a scar revision on my forehead. What is the best type of closure for a good scar?

The doctor has proposed a combination of mattress sutures and a running nylon suture. Is this a good technique? READ MORE

Can my scar be removed completely ? (Photo)

This scar is from a long time before accident (10-11 years old) I just want to get rid of it completely as it is at the center of my face . What... READ MORE

V-Tar For Scar Treatment?

Hi! I got a scar several years ago when I fell from a bike. My scar is flat and white. And now I'm using the scaraway silicon gel and the diminishing... READ MORE

Best Technique For Removal of Two Piercing Holes and a Keloid on Right Ear? What Can I Expect The Cost To Be?

I have a small keloid on the back of my right ear as a result of a bad piercing. I also have two unclosed piercing holes I would like to remove... READ MORE

I have a scar on my foreskin and I want to remove it. Which method should I use for this, surgery, laser, other? (Photo)

Hello. Since I was a teenager I've had a scar in my foreskin which I strongly dislike. I believe I had a small cut and it didn't heal as it should... READ MORE

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