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How to Prevent Scarring from Wound on a Baby?

My little girl fell against the edge of a cupboard at a nursery causing a large hematoma about 1cm on her forehead with a shallow vertical cut in from... READ MORE

Juvederm for Second Scar Revision on Forehead?

Years ago, I had a revision procedure performed on a couple of old chicken pox scars located on my forehead but unfortunately had less than 'ideal'... READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery After an Appendectomy Recommended? Unhappy With The Swelling and Scarring? (photo)

Hi, I had an emergency appendectomy 3 months ago. The scar is 4 inches and the area above it, looks swollen. It feels like there is fluid or fatty... READ MORE

Post Opp Swelling in Upper Lip After Scar Tissue Removed, What Can I Do?

I had some remaining amount of lymphatic malformation and older scar tisse removed from inside my upper lip. It's been just over 2 months post opp... READ MORE

Everted Closure Scar Excision? (photo)

I had a scar excision on my face done with everted closure&vertical mattress sutures to keep tension away from the incision line. Then I read that... READ MORE

I have a deep blade cut on chest close to my breast? (photo)

It get worsen and swells when I apply creams to the it and. Am tired of it cos I can't wear sexy cloths again. How do I fade this wound and the... READ MORE

How can I get this scar tissue removed from my forehead to smoothen it out and what would the average cost be? (photo)

I suffer from spotty skin and I had 2 that turned really bad on my forehead and because I messed with them it caused me to have swelling and endid up... READ MORE

How long will it take for the swelling after scar revision surgery to go away?

I had a scar revision surgery a week ago for a scar on my chin. The swelling is still very prominent. How long will it take for the swelling to... READ MORE

5 treatments of V-beam for surgical hypertrophic scars. The improvement is not impressive. What else can be done?

After 5 treatments of Vbeam I think they have improved 20% or so, but the scars are still very pink i color. I was hoping they could get more white/... READ MORE

Could This Be Swelling or Scarring?

I was bit on the face by a dog. There is a scar from the tear duct down that's about an inch. The tissue on one side is still puffy and a bit hard. It... READ MORE

What is the procedure for treating a forehead hematoma? (photos)

I developed a hematoma on my forehead 3 years ago after being kicked in the head. The swelling has subsided a bit over the years but it is still... READ MORE

How long does swelling and bruising last after discussion? (photo)

I had subcision done on a surgical scar I have on my face a little over 3 weeks ago and it still looks puffy and bruised on the side where they went... READ MORE

I have hypertrophic scarring on nose. Would that be viable for my case? (photos)

I've got some bumps on my nose as mementos from previous bouts of cystic acne. There also seems to be a general light swelling which makes the skin... READ MORE

I had a steroid injection into my forehead after a spot left trauma tissue under my skin. Is it normal to have swelling?

Hi, I've had a steroid injection into my forhead because I had a spot years ago and it left some trauma tissue under my skin on my forehead so I had... READ MORE

Area Under Stitches Is Swollen and Hard, How Can I Treat This?

What medicine i must take to remove this swelling this is 10th day of my accedent my forehead strikes on road and a bulb like swelling appear after 5... READ MORE

Stitches scar and swelling on forehead adjacent to eyebrow following an accident. How can I get rid of the scar? (Photos)

Got an injury in accident 11th of feb 2015. After 4 months i still have some swelling in that area.. It hurts also. Can you give me any suggestion to... READ MORE

Chicken pox scar post subcision. What should I do about the redness? Should I get laser now or wait for it to subside? (Photo)

Two months after the pox subsided i got subcision done for a dented scar it left between my eyebrows. It has been 4 months since the subcision was... READ MORE

I have a soft swelling from a cyst removal on my hairline. Is that normal?

Hello I'm sixteen and I had a sebaceous cyst just around my hairline removed,it was a little to the left of my forehead.My face was really traumatized... READ MORE

Had a scar revision - how can I get the swelling down until I see the nurse to look at it?

Had my scar revision done 2 weeks ago , the doctor did a great job !! The Nurse took my stitches out about 3 days later I seen a small stich so I... READ MORE

I have extreme swelling and scar tissue inside both ankles. Can laser remove this type of scar tissue?

Was seen by a foot doctor and was diagnosised with Hypertrophied scar tissue. Xrays were done on both ankles, which clearly showed fluid and scar... READ MORE

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