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What are my options for correcting upper lip (philtrum) appearance and minimizing a scar after an accident (photo)

It seems that the left peak of my philtrum has healed crookedly where the stitches were located. The peak is split half way up by a depressed line.... READ MORE

Scars Where Stitching Has Loosened After Blepharoplasty is my Best Option Laser or Scar Revision??

The scars from the incision lines seem wide. I had the operation over 18 months ago. Is it possible to have the scar line removed and resutured.... READ MORE

Laser or Scar Revision

I have a scar resulting from elyptical excision of a mole under the skin. The scar is on the upper side of my nose. The site became infected while... READ MORE

When to Apply Ointment & Moisturizer and Which One?

Hello Realself ! Recently undergon suturing on my forehead for 3 of my old scars frm small cuts. size of scars was 1st-10mm, 2nd-7mm & 3-5mm(al... READ MORE

Can my facial scar be removed?

I met with an accident 2 months back and my chin was cut and it ws sutured... the scar is of the size of a fore finger in terms of length... there is... READ MORE

Best suture technique for scar revision on face?

I know layered suture is the best, one in the dermal, and one on the surface. But my doctor everted the surface suture where it looked like a... READ MORE

What are the best treatment options for a facial surgical depressed scar?

Five months ago, I had an enlarged pore over left eyebrow excised twice. I have had somewhat of a complicated healing course as a suture was... READ MORE

Is Excision with suture best for this kind of chickenpox scar? (photos)

I had chickenpox last week. I got this deep scar because I popped it before because I thought it was just a pimple. The scab fell off and the skin has... READ MORE

Is 15 Days After Surgery Too Long to Wait for Suture Removal?

It has been 7 days since my surgery. I found out today that the last of my sutures won't be removed until the 15th day after surgery. I haven't seen... READ MORE

I have had 8 staples and 2 sutures in the middle. There were staples in the middle with sutures on my scalp where head hit pier

It's healed with a gap indented. There's also a lump or fold of skin under left side of wound. Right side seems fine and flush where should be. Not... READ MORE

Are there extenuating circumstances that allow for early scar revision besides infection? (Photo)

I received a face laceration by knife 3weeks ago. I was taken to the ER & received 38 external sutures using a running stitch by a resident plastic... READ MORE

Facial Scar Revision - Visible suture marks (railroad tracks). (photos)

Hi, I've posted to this site twice before as I continue on my journey to improve the appearance of the scar on my face. After the initial surgery, the... READ MORE

Is it possible to do a scar revision? (Photo)

I have some of THEE WORST scars imaginable because of a bad suture reaction and stretching incisions. That's what it looks like to me anyway. Never in... READ MORE

What do I do to remove suture marks along the scar ? (photos)

I got 10 stiches on my forehead 19th September 2015. My scar appears with little black dots along the length of the scar. I am applying contractubex... READ MORE

What are my current options besides doing nothing and just praying it doesn't look too bad? (Photo)

7 weeks ago (July 29th) I had scar revision surgery on a large facial laceration scar that occurred December 20th 2015. At first the surgery looked... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Lump After Having Surgical Sutures Due to a Cut?

My daughter received sutures on her forehead above brow down her eye lid i notice a lump is this normal? READ MORE

How to remove suture impression? (photo)

I am a bike reaser.20 days ago one accident. my face is damaged. 2 sutures in my to remove this sutures impression. READ MORE

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