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How to Remove Scars?

I have lots of skin scars. what's best for getting rid of scars? READ MORE

Getting Rid of Thyroid Surgery Scar

My neck scar is 4" long and it pooches out all the way across. This is a fairly new incision but everyone else's is just a flat line even in the... READ MORE

Vertical Surgery Scar on Stomach Possible to Remove?

Hi, I'm 17 years old. About five years ago, I had a surgery on my stomach to remove a 15-pound tumor. It left me with an embarassing vertical scar... READ MORE

Does Dermatix Silicone Gel Work for Surgery Scar?

I've had a breast lift and augemntaion one year ago but i still have a little red thick scar on the side of my breast...can an old one year scar still... READ MORE

How to Reduce Very Dark Breast Lift Scars?

I had a breast lift almost 2 years ago, and everything went smoothly except that I am left with vertical scars on each breast. I am Asian, and the... READ MORE

Can a Scar from Heart Surgery Be Made Smaller?

I had heart surgery last April. I'm 42 years old and the scar is small from the top but huge at the bottom. What can be done to minimize this scar and... READ MORE

How Long Should I Usually Use Epi-Derm Scar Sheets?

I am using Biodermis Epi-Derm sheets recommended by my doctor for my Tummy Tuck scar. He says I will need to wear them for 6-9 months. This seems to... READ MORE

Treatment for Indented Surgery Scar?

I had a Mohs surgery three months ago just under my eye. The surgeon said the wound was not deep and didn't need stitches; it would heal without a... READ MORE

What Results Can I Expect from Scar Revision Surgery?

I had a botched surgery that left me with horrible scars around my face and ears. Is scar revision surgery my only option for improving the scars? Are... READ MORE

Options for Abdominal Surgery Scar Revision?

What options are available for scar revision or would a Mini Tummy Tuck work on my scars? I had childhood leukemia and nearly died. I had to have... READ MORE

How Much Vertical C-section Scar Can I Remove? (photo)

I'm 2 yrs after final C-section (low transverse-pfannenstiel) & later: midline scar). I really don't want a hip to hip scar. My priority, in... READ MORE

Will Fillers Help for Depressed Surgery Scar?

I have a depressed facial scar with some large pores around it. The scar is on the cheek and was a surgical scar. I am considering a filler. Can this... READ MORE

What Can I Do About An Open Heart Surgery Scar? (photo)

I had an open heart surgery 6 years ago and now I'm living with a huge scar in front of my breast. I accepted it, never show off this scar and wear... READ MORE

Reducing Hypertrophic Scar from Open Heart Surgery?

I had open heart surgery due to accident not internal problems. A hypertrophic scar formed in the middle of scar; it formed fine then turned flat and... READ MORE

Scar Removal After Appendectomy?

I am in my 40's and have surgery scars in my abdomen and five surgeryindentations from a ruptured appendix that looks like bellybuttons.It is very... READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for Hyperpigmented Scars?

I have tan-colored hyperpigmented scars from a surgery done many years ago. What would be the best scar laser treatment to fade them? READ MORE

Scar Removal Options for Old Surgery Scar?

Can anything be done to minimize the appearance of large scar my stomach from when I was an infant and had surgery on my stomach? I have been... READ MORE

Help Needed for Sensitive Surgical Scar on Knees, Options? (photo)

Had bilateral total knee replacement 7 weeks ago. Doctor suggested massaging the scar to help with sensitivity and said that I could use any lotion or... READ MORE

Can Scar Revision Lower Down Abdominal Scar?

Can my scar be lowered? And how low? Would it be worth the revision? I am 4 months out of surgery and am very unhappy with my scar. I asked my doctor... READ MORE

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