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Possible to Surgically Remove Self-inflicted Burn Scars on Arms?

I have a couple very embarrassing self-inflicted burn scars on my arms. One is on my forearm and cannot be easily covered up so I am desperate to get... READ MORE

How to Remove Forehead Scar Tissue Under Skin Without Creating Additional Scars?

About 5 years ago, I fell & broke my nose. My glasses slid up into my forehead, creating two furrow marks vertically on the tops of my eyebrows.... READ MORE

Do I Need Cortisone Shots Before Keloid Removal?

I have a Keliod on m upper ear, which is caused from a piercing. I just started with the cortisone shot and have to return monthly. After the keliod... READ MORE

I have a hypopigmented scar/white scar on my thigh. I would like to get it remove. What type of surgery would I need to get? (ph

I have this hypopigmentes scar on my right thigh. I've had it since I was maybe 18/19 I'm now 24. I've tried creams but that didn't help. How can I... READ MORE

Can an abdominal scar from laparoscopy surgery be removed either by fillers of lasers?

I had my gall bladder removed several years ago by laparoscopy surgery, and wanted to know if either fillers or lasers could help lessen the... READ MORE

I have a scar inside lip after removal biopolimer gel. Will it heal or do I need surgery to remove it? (Photo)

I have a scar inside low lip after removal biopolimer gel. Is this scar disappear someday orNEED to remove surgical? Thank you. READ MORE

I have a hard lump on the inside of my lower lip after an injury and oral surgery. Could this be a hypertrophic scar?

In my sleep I bit the inside of my lower lip right side. Lip was swollen and after 3 weeks I went to the dentist. Dentist One performed oral surgery... READ MORE

Unhappy with myself - scar revision? (photos)

When I was 3 years old, I had abdominal and internal surgery due to a traumatic event that left me with a large 6 inch verticle scar and two small... READ MORE

I got cut through the middle of my eyebrow. Is there a good over-the-counter treatment or is surgery an option? (photo)

I went to the ER and they put butterfly bandages on it, kept them on until they fell off. Will my hair grow back? I want to know if the hair follicles... READ MORE

My face contain ice perks & chicken pox scar. Would I be a candidate for Z-plasty or excision for 1 time scar removal? (photos)

I have did 4 times of CO2 and 2 times of derma roller. But my face still contain lot of ice perks and chicken pox scar. Does my scar consider deep or... READ MORE

Is this a keloid scar or Infection? (photo)

I had a adamsapple shave plus voice surgery (CTA) done. After 10 days the stiches were removed. Scar was looking really good Nearly invisble (if you... READ MORE

Doctors please help me with my keloid. (photo)

I have these 2 big keloid on each side of my shoulders, please help me how can I get rid off this, It came from a little pimple then I scratched and... READ MORE

Radiation after removing keloid via Cryoshape or surgical removal?

For 10 years, I've spent thousands on lasers, injections, surgeries, cryoshape, you name it...but my keloids -- without fail -- always come back with... READ MORE

Vaginal cyst near urethra was removed surgically yesterday by a urologist. What kind of pain is "normal"?

I had a vaginal cyst removed yesterday by a urologist. It was next to my urethra but was not from the urethra or attached to it at all. I am having a... READ MORE

Scar revision results, not sure. Any suggestions? (photos)

This scar is a new scar after the scar revision surgery at 1 & half years later. Still indented which makes is very prominent at some light shade.... READ MORE

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