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I Have a 3/4 Inch Indented Scar on my Face from a Cyst Removal. Would Subcision Work?

I understand that cysts can leave a depression in the skin but the whole incision is indented? Was this surgical error? I was thinking of trying... READ MORE

Subcision for Depressed Scar on Nose Tip?

Is Subcision an effective treatment for depressed scar on tip of the nose? READ MORE

Subcision After Fillers?

I have one depressed scar from a skin lesion excision. I have had dermal fillers (Restylane/Perlane) placed under the scar. Intially, there were good... READ MORE

Subcision for Bound Down Scars - Best Done by a Dermatologist?

Hello I have two bound down scars that I feel certain would benefit from subcision. It is adhered to the tissue beneath, and because the scar is in an... READ MORE

Right Outcome for Scar Subcision?

About a month ago, I got a subcision done, to get rid of an adherence product of an injury to the bridge of my nose. Last weekend, I went to my doctor... READ MORE

I Am a Darker Skinned Black Male with Facial Scars, Is Subcision an Option for Me? (photo)

Is subcision an option for me? I have heard that fraxel laser resurfacing is also an option... READ MORE

Is Excision or Subcision the Right Treatment for my Scar? (photo)

I have an atrophic scar as shown on the picture. Apart from being depressed, the texture of the scar is different to normal skin (thinner,... READ MORE

Subcision and Sculptra on Non-scarred Tissue?

I have rolling and ice pick scars on the face. My doctor recommends subcision and Sculptra on the whole face rather than spot-treat each scar. What... READ MORE

What are the risks of subcision? (Photo)

I have scars on forehead and temple area. What are the risks of subcision ? Can the result be worse after subcision e.g. more scarring, pigmentation,... READ MORE

What would be the best procedure, excision or subcision?

I am really scared of doing an excision and getting a worse scar. Also I don't want to use fillers as the plastic surgeon doctor told me I would have... READ MORE

What is the best solution for Scars

Hi, I am 24 years old, i have alot deep scars on my cheeks that derived from pimples . i do Dermabrasion, subcision, Co2 Laser BUT i don`t get good... READ MORE

Which treatment will make the biggest difference? (Photo)

I had subscis ion one and fraxel twice a couple years back I have money to do onother treatment should I stick with fraxel and if so which fraxel? Or... READ MORE

Wait time before subcision?

I had a scar revision performed a couple of months ago and now the surgical scar is depressed. The scar line looks good, but now depressed. How long... READ MORE

What's the best kind of scar revision? (Photo)

This depressed scar of my right cheek is from my childhood trama, what kind of treatment can make it less noticeable? I have heared skin subcision... READ MORE

Looking for subcision doctor in OH, KY or IN?

I'm trying to find a doctor who is very experienced performing subcision procedures for atrophic scars. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and haven't had any... READ MORE

Would subcision work well for these rolling scars on forehead? (photos)

Would subcision work for these rolling scars on the forehead? I've heard that there can be nerve complications within this area. Just how risky is it... READ MORE

Does Subcision Make Scars on the Surface of the Skin?

I had subcision surgery two times on small but horrid surgical incisions on my face. They had scarred down, bound down scars, and pucked when I talked... READ MORE

What Caused Wad of Tissue After Scar Subcision?

I had subcision surgery to two facial trauma scars bound down pretty tight. Now, I still feel a wad of tissue under my skin, still talk stiff, the wad... READ MORE

Has Anyone Ever Practised a Subcision Suction?

A subcision suction procedure consists of subcising a scar and suctioning the area of the scar afterwards. The suction is NOT synonymous with... READ MORE

Chicken pox scar post subcision. What should I do about the redness? Should I get laser now or wait for it to subside? (Photo)

Two months after the pox subsided i got subcision done for a dented scar it left between my eyebrows. It has been 4 months since the subcision was... READ MORE

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